Hello divine you. I am a healer, channel, an activator of inner peace & unconditional love. I’m here to help you align with the light and love that is you, to uniting and becoming one with God/Source within you.


Welcome beautiful bright light.

Your soul has guided you here.

You have found a safe place to rest and regroup.

To be inspired and empowered on your journey back to the true you.

Part of my purpose is to assist you in awakening to the unconditional love and inner peace that is at the heart of you. To help you embody the light and love that is you. It is your divine birth right to live each day in the high frequencies and vibrations of love and peace, fully aligned with your heart and your purpose for being here. It’s time to leave behind all that you are not and embrace all that you are – you deserve to experience a life of love, peace, joy, miracles and synchronicity – that’s what God/Source wants for you. 


I was called by the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration to become a channel and voice for their mission to help to ignite love and peace on the planet. The ECC is a combined consciousness of highly evolved beings who were the embodiment of Christ Consciousness on earth. We know them as Jesus, Buddah, Krishna, Moses, Babaji and many more. The EEC offer a pathway to inner peace and embodying the unconditional love that is you. A path to fully surrendering to the divinity within, and the realization of the truth of who you really are through activations, books and audios: Pineal Gland Activation,  Unconditional Love Audio ActivationSoul Alignment Session in person in London & Essex & internationally on Skype. Books include: To Fear, With Love – A Story of Urban Enlightenment’, ‘Wake Up – Your Soul Is Calling You To Awaken To The True You‘ ‘The Secret Not Being Spoken About: Why Activating Your Pineal Gland Is So Important For Sustaining Higher Consciousness’. You’ll also find free activations and audio tools, and monthly messages from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration. Stick around and see which messages, activations, audios and books are calling to you.


Helen Jane Rose


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