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Soul Perception – The Gateway To Inner Freedom & Happiness

Happy New Year! Midnight marks the start of a new year and with that a whole new era of possibilities. Today is the perfect time to sit quietly and connect in with your intentions for the next year. How do you choose to be? Will you spend more time honouring yourself and your needs? What […]

Chakra Healing As A Gateway To Your Soul

  I remember the first time I heard about the chakras. I didn’t pay too much attention until it became very obvious that I needed to. Understanding ourselves as energy is so important in accepting ourselves as our true self. When our chakras are in full working order our life force energy can flow through […]

Why the term Higher Self can be confusing

Throughout my soul searching and wanting to reconnect with my soul one of my biggest stumbling blocks was the term ‘higher self’. It caused me a lot of confusion and so I want to dedicate this article to what I came to realise. I’m not meaning in any way to undermine the term ‘higher self’ […]

Getting in Touch with Your Soul/Higher Self

One of the hardest things to get in touch with and trust, is ironically the easiest also. Our higher self/true self/soul (depending on what feels right for you) is always guiding us, beckoning us to take the high road and turn our life around. Yet from a young age our soul whispers had to step […]