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Dreams Are Unfulfilled Destiny

Messsage from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration …   “Today we want to talk about unfulfilled destinies. Every dream is unfulfilled potential just waiting to be made manifest. Every child that talks of what they dream of, every adult who looks back and wishes they had. Everyone has had a dream. It might be buried deep within […]

Calling The Guru Within You

Message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration … “It is apt that today we wish to talk about becoming your own guru. For this is where we are leading you – to the ultimate freedom of all. Where you rely on no-one but yourselves for everything you need. Now what we’re referring to goes way beyond […]

Service To Self – An Important Part of Our Life Purpose

The subject of Life Purpose is a wide one. There are so many great books on the subject yet it still seems one of the most confusing aspects of our spiritual journey back to our true selves. In reality we are the only one who knows our unique purpose for being here and it’s only […]

The Importance of A Fully Functioning Pineal Gland For Sustaining Higher Consciousness

Source Reports… “We wish to talk today about the very important ‘Pineal Gland’ – the gland that sits behind what’s commonly known as the Third Eye. This gland cannot be underestimated in the pursuit of enlightenment. You cannot fully reconnect with your soul and know yourself as your true self, in its full glory if […]

Soul Integration: A Message From My Little Self To My Big Self…

I want to share with you an exercise that I was guided to do. I know there’s so much talk about banishing our ego / personality for good if we want to become enlightened and awakened but I believe that we have to work with our ego / personality if we really want permanent results. […]

From Self Reflection To Soul Perception

Hello. Today’s post is about embodying true self love and soul perception. I want to start it off by sharing with you an excerpt from one of my soul communications when I asked the question: What message do you have for me today? I want to share some of the answer in the hope that it will be […]

Why Self-Love Matters Most

Reporting From Source…On Self-Love “Today we wish to talk about the issue of self-love. It’s one of the biggest in truly coming back to yourselves. It affects how you feel about yourselves, which then directs how your external world plays out. If you are at odds with yourself not loving who you are, allowing the […]

Trusting Your-Self Is Key

Message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration …On Trust “Trust is the key when it comes to you awakening to your soul. You are taught as children to place your trust and worthiness on outside factors and never on yourself. You are taught you have to learn everything – and never taught about your inner-knowing. Your […]