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Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives…An inspirational video by Prince EA & a message about Prince’s passing

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Video courtesy of Prince EA A friend sent me this amazing video this morning and it brought a tear to my eye. It’s by Prince EA and houses such profound inspiring wisdom that’s packed within a 5 minute video. It would have been wonderful to receive on any day but I feel […]

An Attitude of Gratitude…New message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration

An attitude of gratitude does not mean saying prayers of thanks as has often been construed. Gratitude, if applied properly to the laws of the universe, is an actual feeling that comes up from within you in the present moment. Gratitude is a feeling, it isn’t a thought. You can think you are grateful but for it to have the desired effect of bringing your dreams to you, you need to feel it.

It’s All About Activating Your Heart Light – New message from the ECC

Hello, Here’s the latest message from the ECC. It’s a bit different, includes a song and I was asked to channel an audio activation so I hit record and then went with the flow of not knowing what was coming next! Apologies that I’m talking so quietly at the beginning! For those that are drawn to […]