World Affairs Truth Report #7…A New Message from the ECC

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Hey, hope you’re ok? Sending love your way…our light and unconditional love are needed more than ever before…small acts of kindness will go a long way… and the remembrance that we all come from the same source, that we are being guided, and that there’s so many untruths being told. I hope this message helps to soothe your soul, and envelope you in the same peace that I felt as I was receiving it. Loads of love to you xx

World Affairs Truth Report #7

“We know it’s harder said than done but we do not want you to be afraid by what could be to come, with reports of doom and gloom becoming second to none. We want you to try and rest in the peace that all is predetermined, however difficult that is to comprehend. Everything happens for a reason, that reason may not be obvious, but it is nevertheless true. We are guiding you to see life through the eyes of your soul, that is where your salvation lies. Yes the coming times will be bumpy for many, but those who are here to be guides to the light will have a different view, and yes life will be different for you.

It’s time to become the torch that you came here to be. Your light is needed more than ever before. All timelines have led you to this point in history where you agreed to do all that you could do to become a beacon of light, to shine very brightly into a world steeped in fear. Your light is needed now.

There are many who believe they are working diligently against Divine Will, that wish not for love to become the overriding consciousness on the planet. But Divine Will, will prevail and Divine Love will permeate all. For the planet steeped in violence and fear, the revolution of love is near. The choice will be to choose love above fear, but it’s not the easiest thing to do, when the loudest voices propagate fear. But a change is a coming, that’s what we promise you.

The divide that is to come is about love over fear – those who choose to love and those who choose to fear. We are terming the coming times The Big Fear…fear paralyses progress from a conventional perspective, but fear is the great catalyst for inner change from a higher perspective.

All prophets of all ages have come at a time of great change…this time in history is no different. Watch out for false prophets trying to get your attention, telling you of the doom and gloom to come. False fear will be rife, turn your attention to becoming the embodiment of love in action. Hold your vibration of love no matter what the world wants you to believe.

Your torches need to be brushed off, polished and reignited brighter than ever before, for the light that burns from within you needs to blaze through and out of you now. What can you do to shine more brightly into the world? Is there a story you need to tell? Is there something you need to share? What can you create – is there a conscious ripple waiting to be birthed from within you?

All change begins with those bold enough to have the courage to care. What do you care deeply about? Where does your passion lie? What does love in action mean for you? Where is your light being directed to? What small act of kindness can you do today? It might be something you say, or something you do, but don’t underestimate it’s power for helping you. For what you give to another, you give to you too.

In loving service in assisting you to more fully unite the divine and human you,

We love you,

Helen & The ECC

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