The Big Secret That ‘The Secret’ Has Failed To Tell You…

​If you didn’t pick up another spiritual book or attend another workshop ever again, but really understood this secret (which isn’t really a secret at all yet is shrouded in so much secrecy) you would realise how free you really are and how your soul is really in control.

The secret we are referring to is such a simple one, but has been made to sound so complicated by many teachers teaching about the so called spiritual path. Most spiritual teachings are mind based as opposed to soul based and this is why so many mind based spiritual practices and healing modalities do not work for you. They can’t work because you cannot overcome behaviours and programming by any other means than life experience. This is a fact. Yes there are many methods on offer to you but the truth is, it is through your experience that true change occurs. Let us give you an example. You can tap, say mantras, sit in specific positions, say specific things but it will only be through a life experience that deep change will occur. So what do we mean by this? For example if you are dealing with addiction, hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you on your healing journey, but it is life experience itself that will finally heal you. It is the experience itself that acts as a healing catalyst for you to come into more alignment with your soul, with the ultimate goal of becoming the full embodiment of unconditional love on earth.

True healing comes by facing whatever the moment brings you and accepting where it takes you, because it is where your soul wants you to be. Your soul is 10 steps ahead of you. Please re-read this last sentence because it’s a really important one. Perhaps one of the most important sentences to have ever been written down, because when you finally grasp its truth, you are free from the control that your mind has over you. Mind control is real and everyone is being controlled to believe that it is their mind not their soul who is in the driving seat. As soon as you realise that the soul was in charge all along, life takes on a richness that until that point was unavailable to you.

What we are trying to bring to your attention is that your soul is in control of you. All those big events in your life, your soul was busy arranging way ahead for you. Nothing happens by chance and nothing happens by a mis’take’. There are no take 3, 4s or 5s everything is happening in each moment exactly as it is meant to. When someone new enters your life…they were meant to. Your job is to realise that your soul knows exactly what it’s doing even if your mind thinks otherwise. Inner alignment is coming to accept each situation as an orchestration of your soul.

The secret that has been hidden from you is this: Your soul is in control of you. Breathe that in…that’s all that’s asked of you. Open to the acceptance that your soul has always been in control. It knows exactly what is coming up for you and where it is leading you.

Know that ‘The Secret’ that was supposed to hold so many answers for you has held back vital information for you. If you feel drawn a good article to read on this is:

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With so much love to you in these transient times,