A Little Piece of Peace. New Message from the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration…

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You are being guided every second of every day, in every way. Everything is occurring exactly as it is supposed to in your life right now. Your mind cannot perceive this to be true but your soul knows this for sure. For your soul is the one in charge, not your mind. Your mind thinks it’s in charge but this is the whole game of spiritual evolution – to come to the realisation that your soul was in charge all along. What comes with this realisation and understanding? PEACE. An inner peace that cannot be described, it can only be felt.


All who are drawn to our messages and healings are on the path to inner peace. There can be no greater accomplishment on this planet than to experience the inner peace that we and many others talk of. It is a feeling of life standing still, when the rest of the world is rushing around. It is a feeling of knowing that everything is just perfect, just the way it is. It is a knowing in your heart that every second of your day is being guided and powered by your soul. Even when one has no idea this is occurring, still it is true.


There is nothing to find, only the acknowledgment that the soul has been in charge all along. Divinity is running this show, despite how it looks on the outside. Divinity in the end will decide that abuse of any kind will not be tolerated on the planet. You are in the baby steps of this revelation occurring. You are not alone, never have been and never will be. You are part of a collective who agreed to become the transmuters of all on the earth that is not in alignment with divinity. Whilst it is fun for the ego to think about ‘the fallen souls’ in truth there are none. Only different aspects of divinity finding out for itself what it means to be divine. The wayshowers are here to remind the planet, in transition, of where they are headed. There is a perfect plan, do not for one moment let yourself believe otherwise. The plan is so perfect that you could say it has already occurred.


Come home, come home, come home to the peace that is being offered to you. Know in your hearts that you are being led to find a place within yourselves that knows this information to be true. It is a download to you, in activating in you the pathway to your inner peace and your inner acknowledgement of your soul and the soul of every other human being on earth.


It’s time to activate your biggest superpower that lies dormant. That superpower is love. True love stays dormant within you until you have activated it within yourselves. When we talk of true love we talk of falling in love with yourselves before you can ignite it in the world. True love starts by acknowledging yourselves – realising how far you have come – all the emotional hurdles you have found yourself in, and out of – all the difficulties that you have overcome. All with the purpose of coming home to love and the inner peace that it brings.


The time of inner chaos is coming to an end for the wayshowers. Inner chaos is the biggest disease on the planet and its cure is one thing and one thing only – acknowledgment of the soul! Acknowledging the soul cures everything and is the medicine we wish to bless you with today. Take a few moments out of your day and acknowledge your soul. Say hi. That’s all you have to do. You might feel silly but let that go. Allow yourself to go deep within you to the place where you feel peace, even for just a few seconds, as you acknowledge the true you.


Please share this encoded activation. Be a blessing and open to being guided to sharing this transmission with at least one person you know. Spiritual evolution works on your discernment – whilst many around you aren’t living within the vibration to be able to accept this transmission…there are many that are, and there are many who are not yet aware that they are…until the information is placed in front of them. Like the bud opening to reveal its flower for the first time, many are opening their eyes and sensing their soul for the first time. Whilst it can be disorientating in the initial stages, the blossoming of soul consciousness is nothing short of miraculous and brings with it blessings that are perceived to be miracles.


We give thanks for your time in reading this transmission – just from reading these words you are having an impact on the overall consciousness that you cannot fathom.

To the unravelling of soul consciousness across the earth,

Peace Be In You,

The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration


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Helen xx