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Healer. Channel. Author. Activator

Promoter of Unconditional Love & Inner Peace

Lover of all things Divine


My purpose is to assist you in awakening to the unconditional love and inner peace that is at the heart of you. To help you embody the light that is you and become unified within you. You deserve to experience a life of love, peace and joy, miracles and synchronicities – that’s what God/Source wants for you.

I’ve known what it feels like to be lost, depressed, disempowered and disconnected. I’ve experienced the depths of despair that lack of self-worth and low self-esteem bring and I never believed I would come to experience their opposite!

It feels like a different lifetime when years ago I was an unfulfilled and unhappy journalist and editor working and living in London and then I moved abroad – to a beautiful location – but a time of great heartache and pain. To call that chapter in my life ‘the dark night of the soul’ would be an understatement. It was more like ‘the dark years’! I was literally brought to my knees and not being able to see any way out I screamed what was the meaning to it all? All the pain, the suffering? And as cliché as it sounds that dark time led me into the light. What started from there was an unlocking of a gift of automatic writing, meditation, being guided to a healer and the beginning of my faith and love for an unseen force that was guiding me! Finding ‘Conversations With God’, by Neale Donald Walsh was an AHA moment I will never forget. I couldn’t put it down and soaked up every sentence. Slowly but surely with small steps (and some big challenges) I started to awaken to the loving presence that was within me, reminding me of why I was here, guiding me back to the light and love of God/Source. Step by step, little by little I started to let go of the past and moved out of feeling like a victim of it.

It can be a scary process to heal, but it also offers us our freedom. To feel all our hurts takes great courage but it also offers us great relief. Sometimes we have no idea of how heavy the burdens we’ve been carrying have been. They literally weigh us down energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Often we’re in denial about what we’ve actually endured, to afraid to face the pain. But as we face everything, and learn to love ourselves the opportunity arises for peace to enter in and we are given the grace of moving our consciousness from fear to love. As we reunite with the love within us we come home to God/Source and remember what we came here to do & be. Love really is the answer in overcoming fear. Love is the overriding factor that finally frees us from our inner bondage. In uniting back with God/Source within us, we finally find freedom, peace & joy and miracles & synchronicities abound.

Lots & lots of love to you,

Helen xx

I currently do in-person healing/channelling sessions in the UK at triyoga, Dickens Yard, West London (6 minute walk from Ealing Broadway on Central Line) & InsideOut, Physicals Fitness Club, 327 High Road, Woodford Green, East London (in between Woodford & South Woodford stations on the Central Line)