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An Attitude of Gratitude…

We are The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we come with a new message today to brighten up your day or night, depending where you are in the world.

The secret of gratitude has been much misrepresented on the planet and much misunderstood. We say this not in judgement but in fact.

An attitude of gratitude does not mean saying prayers of thanks as has often been construed. Gratitude, if applied properly to the laws of the universe, is an actual feeling that comes up from within you in the present moment. Gratitude is a feeling, it isn’t a thought. You can think you are grateful but for it to have the desired effect of bringing your dreams to you, you need to feel it.

So how do you feel gratitude? It happens every time you are overwhelmed by how wonderful a situation is – it is your true connection with your heart. When your heart is filled with joy you are feeling gratitude and applying the feeling to the universal law that like attracts like, and therefore more joy and gratitude will start to be felt in your life. It is also a physical feeling. You can actually feel your heart energy expand as you feel gratitude. We ask you to experiment with what we are conveying next time you feel a joy in your heart that leads to the feeling of gratitude. Notice how expanded your heart energy feels.

It is very hard to feel real gratitude when your heart is closed due to past pain. We ask you to take a moment to pause and meditate on where you are still holding onto pain from your past. We tell you that everyone is. Everyone now needs to let another layer of past pain leave their energetic field. It did its job very well indeed for it wouldn’t have been there if it didn’t have a role to play – but it is no longer serving you. Please pause again and really think about this. All past pain had a purpose. Not one aspect of your past pain was in any way random, you were never a victim of it even though it felt, and might well still feel like you were. Now we know that this is a controversial subject that we have stepped into, but it is also the subject that leads to your internal freedom, and therefore the manifestation of freedom in your outer world. For past pain works as a trap if you hold onto it – once the lesson has been learnt or the remembering uncovered it is time to release all that is holding you back from feeling joy from within you.

So how do you move on from pain? It’s through acceptance. All pain is transmuted at the moment that acceptance has been invoked from within you. As you allow yourself to look at any past situation from the position of it supporting your growth into higher consciousness and the return to the true you, you will see that it had a purpose.

From your soul’s perspective there is no such thing as right and wrong – pain is accepted as a catalyst for finding your true peace, passion & purpose – it’s the springboard for coming home to the divinity within you. Seeing life from this perspective brings an instant change to your energy field for your thoughts have far more power than is currently being recognised.

It is a truth that the only way to truly transmute past pain is to fully feel it, accept it, embrace it and then set your intention to release it from your energy field. Everyone has been conditioned by society to side step anything that doesn’t feel good, and whilst we are guiding you to a place where you only accept all that brings you joy, the stepping stone to getting there is to uncover all that isn’t really you. For your true state of being is joyful. It’s being free from your story. It’s being present and at one with your soul, knowing that you are not separate but are part of the whole and that it was never ‘me, myself and I’ and always ‘me, my source and my soul’. Your soul is calling you home to the true you who only knows a lightness of being, who walks with inner peace and confidence that everything is working out in the perfect way and that joy is the priority for you to experience in everything you do.

If you feel drawn set your intention and ask us to help assist you in unblocking all that is stopping you from experiencing the attitude of gratitude on a daily basis. Questions would be most welcomed from anyone who feels drawn to ask our scribe for clarity on anything we talk of here. Please feel free to ask and we guarantee that we will answer. We hope our message for today goes right to the ‘heart’ of you – where you will know, without doubt, the truth when it is spoken to you.

With every transmission we are awakening dormant codes within you. Our scribe and emissary is also now offering individual Soul Alignment Sessions & Frequency Activations where we are very much present to help accelerate you moving into the new frequencies that are waiting to be birthed from within you. Go to for more information. These sessions will prove to be most beneficial to you.

Set your intention to claim your joy back today,

Peace is within you,

Your friends,

The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration

P.S If the sun is shining where ever you may be today or tomorrow – take 10 minutes to soak up the frequencies that will flow to you and help you to cement what has just been activated from within you.

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With lots of Lve,

Helen xx

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