Trusting Your-Self Is Key

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Message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration …On Trust

Trust is the key when it comes to you awakening to your soul. You are taught as children to place your trust and worthiness on outside factors and never on yourself. You are taught you have to learn everything – and never taught about your inner-knowing. Your intuition is never talked about, and isn’t on the school syllabus so you grow up not really having any idea on how to honour your truth – which comes from the whispers of your soul.

All experiences are occurring to ultimately bring you back to the truth that you are an unlimited soul, full of passion, purpose and joy. When you can live from this perspective your life has to change as you are truly then learning how to master life itself. This is the irony – in opening up to yourself as your soul, and not just your personality – you are then guided on how to live the best life you possibly can. Your personality does a great job of constantly bringing you experiences to take you to a deeper understanding of who you really are, but your personality doesn’t know what you as a soul wants to experience and be. It can’t know your purpose for being here as one of its sole jobs is convincing you that you are just a personality – and nothing more. Its job is to doubt, self-criticise, make you believe that you are going mad and basically ensure you don’t trust your inner urgings. It has to provide the opposite experience of being in alignment with your soul.

When you consciously intend to connect with your soul it starts to make itself known to your personality. Little by little, step by step until one day, without you really even realising it, your personality surrenders, accepts and happily stands aside to let your soul into the driving seat. You will see on reflection that all your experiences of the opposite of soul consciousness have in effect been helping your personality to know the difference, to then be able to accept your soul as something tangible, something real that it can allow in and accept. There are many parts to this incredible transformation and transmutation and this is where we will begin in the series of bringing you back to your soul, to happiness, peace, prosperity and true abundance in all areas of your life.

IMG_0619[1]A really powerful affirmation to go with this teaching is “I AM starting to trust myself and it feels fantastic.” Even if you don’t feel it’s truth for you, it doesn’t matter, keep saying it anyway. It works on the principle of fake it till you make it.You are telling your personality that this is what you want, and opening up to your soul’s guidance in the process. You will feel a shift I promise you xx