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To Fear, With Love – A Story of Urban Enlightenment, by Helen Jane Rose is the fictional autobiography of Alice Bailey who overcomes emotional adversity to become a big bright light in the world. It’s the story of trauma to transcendence, of not letting the world keep you small. It’s an empowering love story with a twist. Published by Roundfire Books. Available to buy in paperback or kindle version.

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Wake Up: Spiritual Enlightenment Uncloaked: Your Soul Is Calling You To Awaken To The True You by Helen Jane Rose is an unusual little book with a big purpose. It’s a channelled book to help to bring you home to your soul and true purpose for being here. It’s profound and practical and will leave its energy with you long after you have read the physical words. Available to buy in paperback and kindle.

Wake Up has also been translated into Portuguese (O Despertar: A Iluminação Espiritual Revelada – Sua alma chama: desperte para seu verdadeiro Eu); Spanish (Despierta: descubre la iluminación espiritual. Tu alma te llama a despertar a tu verdadero ser); French (Éveil spirituel : à la recherche de la vérité) and Italian (Svegliati. Un viaggio alla scoperta dell’illuminazione spiritual)  Translations can be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon EU.




The Secret Not Being Spoken About – Why Activating Your Pineal Gland Is So Important For Sustaining Higher Consciousness, by Helen Jane Rose is a channeled book from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration. This book includes energetic codes and frequencies that aren’t bound by time and space – which are brought through Soul Conscious Technology. If you would like more information about the book read a channelled message here.




unnamedHelen was a contributor to 365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul alongside many other writers including bestselling authors Jodi Chapman, Dan Teck, Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman, and Carol Tuttle. Within the book you will find all different ideas and methods for re-connecting to your soul and the benefits it will bring you. Some of the suggestions include meditative practices, changing your perspective and raising your vibration.




Book Testimonials:


To Fear, With Love

5.0 out of 5 starsI loved this book, in particular chapters 4 to 18 which deal with Alice’s damaged relationship with her husband Sam. By Cliff O on 6 Mar. 2016. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I loved this book, in particular chapters 4 to 18 which deal with Alice’s damaged relationship with her husband Sam. I loved being taken through Alice’s thought processes, feeling her emotional turmoil and willing her to overcome hear fears and doubts. A must read for anyone out there who is experiencing an abusive relationship and doubts themselves. Here’s an injection of encouragement and hope.

5.0 out of 5 starsWhat a rollercoaster! By Katherine Smith on 12 September 2014. Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase. A enlightening read that gives real insight into the pain of an abusive relationship. I couldn’t put the book down, having just been through a trauma within my family I felt at times sad, excited and emotional whilst reading the book and even though this is not a direct self help book, it did help in various ways.

 5.0 out of 5 starsA wonderfully executed account which draws the reader in and creates …By Daisy Hudson on 1 September 2014 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. An incredibly powerful story of human resilience which is relatable to women and men alike. A wonderfully executed account which draws the reader in and creates an incredible sense of unity with her struggle. It offers a lens into a horrifying situation which many find themselves in but struggle to have a voice. This not only an account of female empowerment but empowers the reader as we are taken on her journey. I highly, highly recommend! Brilliant and so strong.

5.0 out of 5 starsA Powerful Read. By Sarah on 31 Aug. 2014. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Reading this was a roller coaster of emotion – heart wrenching, to heart warming, self doubt to life affirming. Brilliant! A powerful and very reflective read, that really conveys the depths of how life was for Alice and portrays her sheer determination and tenacity. The inclusion of the Epilogue and the This is Your Life page is inspired. Fantastic, soul searching words. A humbling read that gives real insight into the pain of an abusive relationship.

Wake Up: Spiritual Enlightenment Uncloaked

5.0 out of 5 starsAn Inspirational book, highly recommended. By Miss L.A Segui on 22 Jan. 2015. Format: Kindle Edition. I love this book, compelling reading, it highlights most important teachings in such a clear way, this is so needed for those who are totally unaware but also as a reminder for those of us who are conscious. Release yourself from the control and experience freedom- read this book!

5.0 out of 5 starsIf you feel there is so much more to life then read this!! By Ernest on 6 Feb. 2015. Format: Kindle Edition. The most amazing book that I have ever read. I have read it , reread it, dip into it regularly. It is the book for spiritual development.It is though it was written for me.It has changed my life and helped me become a more caring and thoughtful person.I decided to change my life two years ago and followed a new path. Although this made sense in my heart, it didn’t in my head! This book connects all those feelings and thoughts together and gave me the courage to embark on a new life. I flick through it when I need some direction, or inspiration and read the chapter that feels ‘right’ for me to read. Truly amazing.

 5.0 out of 5 starsLife changing. By T Letchford on 8 July 2015. Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase. I found this book deeply affected me. I totally connected with it. Now, I regularly draw on points raised in the book and apply it to my everyday life. Thank you Helen Jane Rose.

5.0 out of 5 starsWake Up by Helen Jane Rose goes off like an alarm clock with a soft kiss setting. By Steven McManus on March 18, 2015. Format: Paperback. Thank you Helen for overcoming your fear of “automatic writing” critics, and publishing this very inspirational information… It did wake me up to pursue a long time dream of writing a children’s book…”Wake Up” has many simple but powerful bits of information that anyone can benefit from by applying the suggested techniques…the best to you and your future endeavors …Steve McManus

The Secret Not Being Spoken About: Why Activating Your Pineal Gland Is So Important For Sustaining Higher Consciouness

5.0 out of 5 starsAge of Enlightenment. By Infinituum on 23 Jun. 2016. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. A brief but extremely powerful tool for the Enlightened among us who are being called to arms (metaphorically speaking of course), to a New World where peace and unity are the new currency, not greed and corporate domination. Have already practised some of the Pineal Gland exercises and am feeling the benefits both in my sleeping and waking hours. Life is all about perspective and love can only begin from within of course. Lovely book Helen, thank you!

 5.0 out of 5 starsI absolutely loved reading this book. By Amazon Customer on 30 Jun. 2016. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I absolutely loved reading this book, it gave me clarity, guidance, excitement and a very big smile on my face. It gave me the knowledge and understanding that I was seeking to allow me to move forward to where I’m meant to be going. I am just about to read it again!! I highly recommend this book to help you wake up, shine bright and be the best version of you that you can possibly be. Thank you Helen xx