Calling The Guru Within You

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Message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration …

“It is apt that today we wish to talk about becoming your own guru. For this is where we are leading you – to the ultimate freedom of all. Where you rely on no-one but yourselves for everything you need. Now what we’re referring to goes way beyond the basics of a life of survival. We talk of the best life possible that is only yours if you can learn, remember and receive the wisdom that is you. You see you all have a guru waiting for you to know this is true. Think of it as your inner butler who’s just waiting to serve you – and all your needs. Yet you don’t have to ask this butler to do anything for you because it knows better than you what you need and what moment to moment works best for you. You see your inner guru only wants a few things for you. They are simple, yet very few are able to claim them as true. They are:

  1. Happiness – as in feeling free, light, joyful – a feeling of fun with a big bout of humour thrown in.
  2. Truth – knowing that you are being true to you, not following others opinions, judgements and wants of you – not needing them to validate you but honouring what is true for you.
  3. Abundance – the real meaning of the word – overflowing with good – from financial prosperity to real loving friendships where you are free to be you and are being respected as such.
  4. Peace – knowing from the depth of your being that everything is perfect – from this perspective you can transcend the past and create the future that only warrants well-being and truly living life.

If your inner guru gave you its job role it would include the above. You have been drawn to read this post because somewhere in your subconscious you know it’s time for you to start to really thrive in your life and you can only truly do that by coming home to the true you. Everyone that has crossed your path so far has been a stepping stone and now you’re on the final lap to fully finding the guru within you – the you that can’t wait for you to know what it feels like to fully thrive. When you fully surrender to its service, you will never look back that’s what we guarantee and that’s where we want to lead you”.


P.S I smiled after reading this post back to myself because ‘my inner butler’ was working overtime for me today. I deliberately kept the whole day clear to sit and write and didn’t move for hours until I realised my back was a hurting a bit. Determined to keep going I pushed through even though I felt I needed a break. A file wouldn’t open on my computer so I decided to ‘reboot’. Then I couldn’t restart the computer. My immediate response was panic but it’s happened before so I stepped away. Then I was drawn to a book on my bookshelf that I hadn’t read for years. I opened it on a page that read:

“Humour is one of the greatest gifts that you have. There is so much to laugh at. Is there truly any reason why you have to be so serious about your life?”

I felt like it was speaking directly to me. I have become very serious of late, writing a new book at every spare second that I have. I can now see that my inner butler drew me away from my computer to remind me of something important. I am laughing at the message as it couldn’t be truer. Time to take a break and have a laugh! I hope it’s inspired you too…