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Remember, Remember The Great Power In Surrender…New message & daily intention from the ECC

Hellooooooo, oh my word it’s been a long time since I’ve sent anything out and that’s because every time I’ve sat down to channel it’s always been for a new book that I’ve just finally finished. It’s also because it’s been a time of learning to trust myself more and more and going ‘inwards’ a […]

World Affairs Truth Report…The Coming Times

All is not what it seems…and all that seems ok is not. This might sound like a riddle but it is never the less true. The coming times will see the majority on the planet in panic mode. We wish for you to be in peaceful mode. We wish for you to feel at the very depth of your being a peace that tells you that despite the outer circumstances of chaos, you are more than ok. In fact you are at peace.

The Big Secret That ‘The Secret’ Has Failed To Tell You…

If you didn’t pick up another spiritual book or attend another workshop ever again, but really understood this secret (which isn’t really a secret at all yet is shrouded in so much secrecy) you would realise how free you really are and how your soul is really in control.

World Affairs Truth Report – Warriors Of The Light Unite

Hello lovelies, it’s been a while since I’ve written and that’s because I’ve been in the business of having to face some fears. I can’t pretend it’s been anything but challenging, uncomfortable, exhausting and testing, but somehow through it my faith has got stronger. Another layer of programming and beliefs seem to have been wiped […]

New Message From The ECC – World Peace Starts Within You

Love is the real revolution that is sweeping the planet and love will blaze through all of your fears. It has to start with you consciously deciding to choose love above fear. The world wants you to chose fear, we are here to direct you to love.

1 in 12 people are in hiding. Are you?

I had a thought last night. If I was ‘in hiding’ about the truth of my spirituality – my insatiable urge for spiritual growth, my belief in a higher purpose and my automatic / meditative writing – then there must be thousands of people feeling the same way. I joked with a friend only last week about […]

Dreams Are Unfulfilled Destiny

Messsage from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration …   “Today we want to talk about unfulfilled destinies. Every dream is unfulfilled potential just waiting to be made manifest. Every child that talks of what they dream of, every adult who looks back and wishes they had. Everyone has had a dream. It might be buried deep within […]

Getting in Touch with Your Soul/Higher Self

One of the hardest things to get in touch with and trust, is ironically the easiest also. Our higher self/true self/soul (depending on what feels right for you) is always guiding us, beckoning us to take the high road and turn our life around. Yet from a young age our soul whispers had to step […]