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Raising Your Vibration Meditation from the ECC…

Raising Your Vibration Meditation   Hi, I was guided to meditate tonight whilst listening to one of my favourite meditation music. As soon as I started I felt that I was going to channel and needed to record it, which I did. I started channelling having no idea of what was coming. So please accept this recording in […]

The Perfect Plan – New message from the ECC

The Perfect Plan… We are the ECC and we come with a new message for you. Our theme and where we are leading you is to making dreams come true. Perhaps that sounds too much like make believe but we tell you it is true. And for all those that have used the secret of […]

It’s Time To Let Go And Let Flow – New Message from the ECC

Today’s message is very short, but very sweet. We hope the nectar of the vibration that we are delivering through to you is felt at the very heart of you – like a warm breeze gently flowing through bringing love to the heart of you. It’s a wisp of unconditional love for all that has […]