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World Affairs Truth Report…New Message from the ECC

“The transient times are upon you. The world is waking up and with that comes what was always meant to be…a time of great change. Life as it has been will be different for many. Not in a fearful way, in a way that sees the bearers of light becoming beacons of light at a time that in a sense has been prophesied in history.

​If you didn’t pick up another spiritual book or attend another workshop ever again, but really understood this secret (which isn’t really a secret at all yet is shrouded in so much secrecy) you would realise how free you really are and how your soul is really in control.

You’re Being Called To Return To Love – New Message from The ECC

With fear set to run rife on the planet it has never been a more important time for those who came to embody unconditional love to be activated from within themselves.

New Message from the ECC: Calling The Divine Diva Within You

We are here to empower you to embody the self worth that will only tolerate allowing yourselves to be around those who genuinely love you. Many are very adept at saying the words that would have you believe that they love you, but are their actions following through?

It’s Time To Let Go And Let Flow – New Message from the ECC

Today’s message is very short, but very sweet. We hope the nectar of the vibration that we are delivering through to you is felt at the very heart of you – like a warm breeze gently flowing through bringing love to the heart of you. It’s a wisp of unconditional love for all that has […]