Chakra Healing As A Gateway To Your Soul

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Credit: miamiamia

Credit: miamiamia

I remember the first time I heard about the chakras. I didn’t pay too much attention until it became very obvious that I needed to. Understanding ourselves as energy is so important in accepting ourselves as our true self.

When our chakras are in full working order our life force energy can flow through us and when they’re not we often feel out of balance both emotionally and physically. When our chakras are blocked the energy becomes stagnated and it can have a big impact on how we are feeling both emotionally, mentally and physically. The chakras influence how we feel about ourselves and therefore how we think about ourselves.

To come into full alignment with our true self we need to firstly find out where we have blocks – which could be in any of our chakras:

  • The chakras are located in our energetic body as opposed to the physical body – but have a direct impact on our physical body.
  • They are shaped like a flower or a wheel, with petals or spokes.
  • The chakras are like spinning balls of energy that run up and down your spine working to continuously renew your energy.
  • If well-balanced and not blocked the chakras move and spin rapidly and smoothly, and their colours are clear and bright.
  • Pain from the past has a direct impact on our chakras, just like present moment stress or illness causing them to block, get stuck, slow down or even spin too quickly.

Each Chakra effects our functioning in daily life in different ways. For example our sacral chakra influences our sexuality and could be blocked if we are having issues in this area. If we’re finding it hard to trust others and feel insecure then the chances are our root chakra is blocked.

Chakra Healing Exercise

  1. Just by setting your intention to focus on your chakras you are starting the healing process of freeing what’s stopping them from fully working for you.
  2. Just by doing the simple exercise below, every day for 21 days you will start to impact your energy, and will have set a strong intention to the universe and your guides for help in doing so.

What you will need:

  • 20 minutes of you time.
  • The door closed and your phone switched off.
  • The intention that the time is for you to focus on your chakras.
  1. Sitting comfortably with your eyes closed imagine a beautiful shower of light moving through your body starting at the top of your head and washing over you.
  1. As you do this say to yourself: “My aura is being cleansed of all thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me.”
  1. Move the light down through each of your chakras, imagining each color spinning clockwise:
  • Base = red
  • Sacral = orange
  • Solar Plexus = yellow
  • Heart = green
  • Throat = blue
  • Third Eye = indigo
  • Crown = white
  1. Spend time at each chakra until you feel the energy spinning freely and the colors turning bright and clear.
  1. When you’ve finished, ask your soul if it has a message for you.
  1. Sound healing is also a great way to help to clear the chakras – learning to use a Tibetan bowl can really help to shift and clear.

Just remember that we all experience some kind of chakra in-balance – if we didn’t we would feel joy in every moment of every single day and whilst we’re working on this being our reality – we’re still human!

Here’s to soul being, with love xx