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Hello, hope the rushing around is coming to an end for you and you’ve got time to chill now and have some fun with family and friends. I’ve been sitting on this message for a few days as it’s a little out there and I don’t want to offend anyone this close to Christmas! But sit on it I can no longer do so here’s the latest message from the ECC for you. It’s sent with a big big hug of love and a big wish of peace for you xx

A Commentary On Christmas


“As the world wraps its presents and focuses on the material side that Christmas has become we wish you to spare a few moments to meditate on what Christmas is really about, as it has been lost and forgotten. How the world collectively celebrates Christmas is a sign of its spiritual evolution. Whilst we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the gifts this time of year brings we feel the need to remind you of what this season is really about.

You would be wise to use the next few days to embody more profoundly your light. It is at this time that your ascension/enlightenment can be catapulted if you wish to align with the energy that is being offered to you. It is a Stargate if you like, where for a rare few days as the planet consciously and collectively focuses on love, the vibration raises the collective consciousness and those who are aligned can use the time to ascend out of their current consciousness and into the light that they really are. Our present to you is more than material worth could ever be – it is the present of your light – en-lighten-ment. Between now and the 25th the window of opportunity arises. The ascended master Saint Germain oversees this gateway that in time to come will be understood that it was never about ‘presents’ in the materialistic sense – it was always about becoming the gateway of your I AM Presence. Becoming the embodiment on earth of who you came here to be, of experiencing the peace that you deserve. Those that resonate with these words, you are ready to be lifted up in consciousness – open for this to be so. The following decree will serve you well over the next few days:

My holy I AM presence I call to you, I ask to become the embodiment of your light and peace on earth. I AM love, I AM peace, I AM grace, I AM understanding. I AM the light of divinity on earth. Saint Germain please sponsor me through this gateway. I AM gratitude.

The ancients knew far more about this Stargate than anyone currently realises. It is no coincidence that the holy festivals of light of Diwali, Chanukah & Christmas fall closely together. The Stargate opened a few weeks ago and will stay open for another few days. Meditate on this if you feel drawn to. In time Christmas will herald some wonderful gatherings on earth. Light parties they will come to be known as, as the stuffy out-moded Christmas celebrations of the past come to pass. Christmas as you know it will be very different in the future. The 23rd will be honoured as an opening of a light portal – it will be heralded as a potent day for the enrichment of the soul.

The portal that is open is a gateway to the embodiment of pure light; the Christ Consciousness, the I AM Presence, the Higher Self. Many names, but one energy, the energy of unconditional love. Choose to use the next few days to consciously raise your consciousness and vibration.

To having fun with family and friends, to understanding and love and becoming the embodiment of light – the real reason that Christmas came to be.”

Peace Be In You,
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Helen & The ECC