Dreams Are Unfulfilled Destiny

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Messsage from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration …


“Today we want to talk about unfulfilled destinies. Every dream is unfulfilled potential just waiting to be made manifest. Every child that talks of what they dream of, every adult who looks back and wishes they had. Everyone has had a dream. It might be buried deep within a tiny corner of the mind but it’s there just waiting to be realized. Today’s exercise is about being childlike and being honest about a dream that you have had. Have you carried a burning desire to do something since you were young and have always rationalised why you could never do it? It could be the adult who dreamed as a child to play the piano but was told all too often that they weren’t musical, or it wouldn’t be right for them. What if that child knew that they would be or they wouldn’t have had the burning desire to do it in the first place?

Individual intuition is being crushed in every school and family set up across the world.’ What do you dream to do?’ should be a fundamental question that we ask children – not what job would they like to do. What’s their passions? What makes them tick? What makes them excited about life? What would they love to do every day to feel happy? If you had been asked these questions when you were young your life could be very different now. But from a higher perspective your life is perfect because there’s no such thing as a mistake, as you are learning or remembering lessons. That’s what your life is ultimately about. All are at different stages. Some have a purpose to remind others who they really are, whilst some have a purpose to remember or learn that loving their self above anything else is the most holy thing they can be doing in this life time. And that could be the adult who wants to play the guitar. In honouring that dream he spends a lot of time alone with his guitar. But when he emerges from his passion he is full of life having been inwardly inspired, rewarding himself with what he loves to do. If everyone was doing what individually made them tick, so to speak, the world would be a very different place.

Some of you will find out quickly now that not only is it imperative for you to uncover and honour your dreams but it is the number one health reviver. All illness is dis-ease in the body and mind. When the body, mind and spirit are working together you are brought back into balance and as a result the dis-ease disappears. All disease is essentially linked to how you think and feel – but that’s for another discourse. For now we wish to bring your attention back to unfilled dreams and the impact they are having on humanity at this time. It’s the risk of honouring  your dreams compared to cutting yourself off from them, which ultimately means cutting yourself off from your life force – the energy that either keeps you constricted or open to life. Passion is the outward manifestation of inner dreams. Those that find their passion, find the truth to life. It’s how you are feeling internally that counts. Feelings are the real currency of the world – they are what really makes the world go round, but conditioning has not made this obvious as so. How are you really feeling today? In the fake society of ‘how are you’? the answer is rarely: “Not good today. I feel disheartened, stuck, at a loss as to how to truthfully feel happy”. But this is the truth of how you will be feeling deep down if you haven’t realised what it is that makes you feel alive.

A job is just a job – it’s a survival mechanism. A dream and passion put how you feel first, and out of that desire you naturally thrive at whatever you do. It’s not a job it’s service to your-self. When you are serving yourself, you are in alignment with your soul and working from a different frequency to survival. You move into the ‘thrival’ frequency which is where we wish to lead you – from surviving to thriving.”