The Importance of A Fully Functioning Pineal Gland For Sustaining Higher Consciousness

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“We wish to talk today about the very important ‘Pineal Gland’ – the gland that sits behind what’s commonly known as the Third Eye. This gland cannot be underestimated in the pursuit of enlightenment. You cannot fully reconnect with your soul and know yourself as your true self, in its full glory if you have not intentionally taken steps to clear and activate your Pineal Gland. Of course, like everything, there are the few who have unconsciously activated their Pineal Gland – but this was preordained and part of their purpose.

In general Pineal Gland activation is part of the individual path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It is one of the best kept secrets on the planet, although a quick Google search on ‘the importance of the Pineal Gland’ will show many interesting articles on the subject. Of course there will also be the naysayers trying to put you off your path of spiritual evolution and coming into your personal power and presence, but it is up to each and every one of you to decide what resonates as truth to you.

If you feel the truth of the importance of your Pineal Gland for real sustained spiritual awakening then we wish to offer some advice. For we speak of truth, of fact. Our purpose is to bring you home to yourselves and help by offering tools to get you there.

You all have the tools within you. Your soul is just waiting for you to recognise this truth. But on the path to self-realization you need help from others who have stepped out before you, who can help to empower you to override your doubts. It’s like the little boy and his passion for football. The little boy starts out with all the enthusiasm in the world. As far as he is concerned he will be a great footballer just like all the players he admirers. But then along the way the training gets harder, he has to put more effort in, others seem better than him and he starts to doubt himself. His self belief then diminishes and it takes even more effort for him to keep going, to trust himself that he knows he can be the best. If along that journey a coach comes along and gives the boy a few very special keys to ensure he gets to where he wants to go and helps the boy restore his faith in himself, the boy is much more likely to keep going and succeed feeling that someone else knows what he’s capable of.

You deserve and are capable of great success in your life.

The importance of the Pineal Gland really cannot be underestimated if you genuinely want to connect with your soul at a conscious level. But unless you set your intention to clear and activate your Pineal Gland, it won’t work for you in the way you wish it to – if you wish to become a fully conscious, creative human being. It is the great secret that has been passed down through the ages. In ancient times it was a focus of the mystery school teachings and throughout the centuries many wise philosophers, artists, spiritual masters, psychologists and more knew about its importance. They knew that to truly be the creator beings that they were capable of they had to activate the Pineal Gland to sustain higher consciousness, otherwise it would transmit to the body the mass consciousness. And this is one the great secrets behind the Pineal Gland. Unless you consciously set your intention to activate and clear your Pineal Gland it will work against you and your natural ability to becoming fully aligned with your soul and full potential. This is more prevalent now than at any other time in history and is what the ancient mystery schools and spiritual masters have always taught. The Pineal Gland inactivated is working as a transmitter throughout the body broadcasting the consciousness of the ‘mass’ thought forms. This makes it very difficult to trust yourself, as you are constantly having an inner battle not knowing what to trust as your truth. Which results in confusion – one minute sure and another doubting.

When the Pineal Gland is fully activated to higher consciousness you start to feel the truth for yourself – you step into knowing regardless of what the mass thought forms are. You ascend self-sabotaging thoughts and self-destructive thought patterns claiming higher patterns of unconditional love for yourself.  When the Pineal Gland is fully activated the natural gifts of Melatonin, Seratonin and DMT work at their full capacity that help you to feel joy, passion and enthusiasm for your life.  This occurs simultaneously as you brush off societal and parental conditioning and listen to your soul urges and needs instead.”

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