It’s Time To Let Go And Let Flow – New Message from the ECC

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Today’s message is very short, but very sweet. We hope the nectar of the vibration that we are delivering through to you is felt at the very heart of you – like a warm breeze gently flowing through bringing love to the heart of you. It’s a wisp of unconditional love for all that has occurred and all that can now be achieved through accepting exactly where you are today and knowing that tomorrow is another opportunity to align even more brightly with the higher part of you.

For those that are ready to come with us we are now moving you to manifesting the life of your dreams. It’s what it was always really about. Experiencing first hand what you didn’t really want – that didn’t make you feel alive inside – to moving to the vibrational match of what makes you feel so much joy and gratitude that everyday feels like a genuine blessing and you wonder – how did life come to get this good?

Too good to be true? It’s all about aligning with the true you – the pure light / love creator being that you really are.

We recommend for you a wonderful short meditation with Abraham Hicks to do upon waking everyday – for every day you do this mediation you will feel from within you a surrender to the flow that you have not yet experienced before. It is divine magic at its best. We hope you enjoy the benefits that it will undoubtedly bring to you…

Abraham Hicks- A Morning Rampage to set your Day for MAGIC!

Joy & Unconditional Love To You,

The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration