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Hi hope you’re ok? Here’s the latest message which comes from Babaji, which was a very profound experience for me and I am deeply honoured to be able to give this message to you. I was given the opportunity to go to Snatam Kaur’s ‘Beloved’ concert at the O2 a few weeks ago and it was literally mind blowing! I cannot recommend enough going if Snatam Kaur comes to your country or a country near you! It really is a ‘divine experience’ and I’m really grateful for having got to go. Please accept into your heart this beautiful and enlightening message from the Mahavatar Babaji. I’m also going to do an audio version that I’ll send out in the next few days. Lots of love to you xx


“This is Babaji. For some my name will be very familiar and for others I am a somewhat illusive figure who is believed to have walked the planet in many different centuries – and perhaps I did! My history on the planet isn’t important it’s my message to you that is. I am here to assist humanity in remembering the truth of who they are – of healing the separation that has occurred between God/the I AM and humanity. Many are set to lead the awakening movement bringing humanity back to the truth of their creator and therefore who they really are. No one is created without purpose. Every single human being on planet earth has a purpose for being here.

For those who would like to perhaps have a greater understanding of my last known physical life on earth you would do well to read An Autobiography of Yogi by Paramahansa Yoganadan. Whilst only snippets of my life are recorded there I would very much guide you to its pages for a broader understanding of the mission at hand and the valuable contribution Paramahansa Yoganadan made to physically and spiritually uniting the East & West. He walked the path of peace and his focus was a holy one.

You see the purpose of The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration is to combine the wisdom and love of many who walked the earth and became known as the enlightened masters. We all contributed something unique – we were all unique expressions of the Christ Consciousness in human form and now we come back to bring our combined essence through the one who is writing and channeling to you.

What we offer here is a pathway to peace. A direct path to fully surrendering to the divinity within you, that guides you back to the truth of who you really are. We are here to help heal the divide between East & West – for Christianity came about from the East. Yes it is perfectly true that Jesus studied very hard in India and many other places in the East too and then brought back much remembering to the West. It was part of Paramahansa Yoganadan’s mission to reignite in the West the parts of Christianity that have been tainted heavily ensuring that the West stayed ignorant to the truth of who they really are. You are not separate from the one who created you. You are unconditional love, you are pure light, you are the peace that the world so desperately needs.

It is now our combined efforts as a collective consciousness to see to it that the West fully awakens to the truth that will set you free. Freedom from the bondage of your minds. Freedom from your senseless thinking. Freedom from the fear that controls you. We cannot as a collective emphasise enough the power of A Course In Miracles, combined with other practises that you will be naturally drawn to. It has the power to completely change your consciousness when the lessons of each day are applied to life itself. For life itself, the everyday experience of your moment to moment reality is where the real spirituality lies. It is not off in a cave meditating and then coming back to life. Life should be a constant meditation in constant communion with God/your soul/god/the universe from within yourself, for you are not separate from your true self and that self is waiting to be recognized by you. When the one who brings you this information brings it onto the page she does so from within herself. She allows the human faculties of her mind and body to become anchors of divine consciousness and guidance. We are guiding you to feel that guidance from within yourselves too. For you would not be drawn to our energy if you were not destined to find inner peace in this life too and inner peace cannot come from outside of you. It comes from the acknowledgement and the final waking up to the truth of who you really are, the you beyond your mind and body. It comes with the complete surrender to the I AM, to God, to the universe who has a grand plan for you. Let go of your grievances so that God can come through to you.

Why waste your life in the shallow pursuits of getting what you think you want from life, when life wants so much from you and to give so much to you? Ask the question in sincerity: What does life want from me? What if, if you chose to stay asleep all the people you could touch with your light were kept in the dark too! What a shame for them and you. We come as a band of brothers (not meant in gender term) to ignite the spiritual light in you. Our currency is love and we will keep bringing it to you. We are not as far away from you as you think. In fact we walk with you.

I acknowledge each and every one on the path of self-realization and look forward to East meeting West finally as it is supposed to, and healing the spiritual divide that has caused chaos in man’s minds. The East is set to learn from the West too – the days of idolising gurus to the detriment of true self-realization in the East are numbered. The Higher Power in whatever way feels right for you is where your honouring and humbleness should be directed to – dear God/I AM/universe/source what would you like me to do, as your mantra to start each day. The East must also heal the consciousness of service poverty that has pervaded the culture for centuries upon centuries, as does the West too. The kingdom of heaven only wants abundance and prosperity for you. The truth of Jesus’ wealth has been kept from you. He was holy abundant, this is perfectly true. Align with the love, light and peace that is you and let the higher power lead you.

You are love, you are light, you are the peace that is within you. As A Course In Miracles wisely states: “Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God?”

“Remember that no one is where he is by accident, and chance plays no part in God’s plan.”

In the holy light of God’s love for you, please pray with me:

Dear God,

Help me to overcome all my inner hostilities to you. Help me to remember that you are my true father, that I was birthed in your light to help to bring peace to a planet that sees war as its source of salvation. I ask in the name of the I AM that I realise:

 I AM Love,

I AM light,

I AM Joy,

I AM Peace,

I AM One With You.

 In loving service to the one, I offer you a pathway to peace,“