New Message From The ECC…The Magdalene Codes & Consciousness

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Hello, hope January has seen you well? It’s been quite a reflective one for me. I left 2017 with a new understanding of what spiritual means to me. I realised (as I know some of you also did too) that there are some teachers out there claiming to be very spiritual and putting themselves on pedestals, who are really only interested in trying to control you. I tried hard with a few teachers that came into my life last year to make their teaching fit with me, but I just couldn’t, something didn’t feel right and that’s when I learnt an invaluable lesson. They were drawn into my life to help me understand what Enlightenment isn’t and how spiritual power can be misused big time! Just because someone claims something doesn’t make it true and please be weary of anyone who tries to make you feel inferior about you! 2018 is about discernment amongst other things – it’s about trusting your inner guidance, it’s trusting what does and doesn’t feel right to you! We are being called to trust more and more in our own soul guidance above all else. If something doesn’t feel right honour that feeling within you!

January has also brought my attention to ‘The Magdalene Codes’. Before Jan I’d never heard of ‘The Magdalene Codes’ before but every time I meditated I kept hearing inwardly: ‘The Magdalene Codes’ but not knowing what it meant. So I did an internet search to try and make sense and came across a powerful activation (Magdalene Codes Activation) that I want to share with you. If you feel drawn here’s the link to a blissful 15 minute experience by Stellar. She’s been in the music industry for over 20 years and has now found her true calling and purpose – she’s singing in Light Language during the activation. It’s had me thinking about Mary Magdalene and who she really was and not how she was portrayed by the Christian Church! Boy did those in control at the time try to suppress her power!! The truth of who she really was is set to come to light even more now. She was the pure vessel and counterpart to the Christ Consciousness – the Magdalene Consciousness. She was the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and her lineage is rising. Hundreds of thousands are here to embody the Magdalene Consciousness that will see love and nurture take pride of place over fear and power on this planet. She is back with a vengeance, not for revenge, but to bring the Divine Feminine back where it belongs!

New Message from The ECC…The Magdalene Codes & Consciousness 

“We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we come today to honour the essence that is you. Our scribe has been busy this past month embodying codes that she has been unaware of at a conscious level. This will start to make more sense for her but for the purposes of this message we wish to deeply express and honour the Divine Feminine within you, which is set to rise in a much more prominent manner now. As more and more unite the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within themselves the Divine Feminine takes centre stage within them. For the Divine Feminine can only fully rise within you when the Divine Masculine has been fully integrated and understood and then steps aside to let the feminine energy rise at this time on the planet. Unconditional inspired loving action for self and others is what’s needed now, and that’s what the Divine Feminine stands for. She is the nurturer and embodiment of unconditional love. Please realise that we aren’t being gender specific here. What we are relating to is the divine union within male and female of the Divine Feminine and Masculine (the Christ/Magdalene Consciousness). It’s all about the awakened ones honouring the Divine Feminine within them now, and as more and more men fully awaken, this honouring becomes more powerful on the planet. It’s becoming a pure vessel of light.

We come today with a slightly different style of message than usual. This message is directly in honour of the Magdalene. We stand with her, for her energy is part of the ECC, but is also so much broader. The Magdalene Consciousness is now set to run rife on the planet. Those who are being called to embody the Magdalene Consciousness will hear the call from within them – no one can stop her mission now. She is both the original incarnation of Mary Magdalene and the return of the Christ/Magdalene Consciousness – she is beyond one being – she is the Divine Feminine made manifest!

Many are here as the embodiment of The Order of The Magdalene. The ancient mystery school will be honoured for what it truly is in time to come. Mary Magdalene is set to be honoured as the new Christ. We hope what is written here will trigger a remembrance within you. The Magdalene Consciousness is the second coming. History books in time to come will include the return on the Magdalene. It isn’t about the settling of old scores it’s about making sure the planet now evolves to where it is supposed to be. As men start to more openly honour the Divine Feminine within them so the current to pervade the planet will be the honouring of Mary Magdalene. But not in a human worshiping type of way, it will be more otherworldly in honouring what she stands for rather than her actual being.

Unconditional love for all will be very much debated and every time it is, her energy will get stronger and build momentum for her to fulfill the prophecies that have been kept secret about her. This is her time, and what that actually means is it’s the time of the fully awakened ones who are all here to embody the Magdalene Consciousness. Her time to shine is coming – and shine it will through all her disciples on earth. The calling has been heard and all those who are supposed to are awakening to her codes. The Magdalene Codes are real. They are powerful beyond measure. When they are consciously brought into the physical realm by the one who has been called to them great changes must occur for the one who has embodied them. This the Catholic Church at the highest order has been made aware of and why the power of the Magdalene had been tried to be suppressed and kept a secret. For those in control knew that once her codes of enlightenment started to spread throughout humanity they were doomed in their attempt to try and control her. Control they did try but to no avail…as they were told but did not listen. For all who are called to embody the codes now the true path of the Christ will be activated within you. These are profound words written here. Wait to see what is to occur within the Order of The Magdalene. Those being called are being anointed to remember the agreements they made before coming here. To being the beacons of light, the light houses sheltering all those who want to be sheltered from fear, who know that love is the key and the answer. Is the Magdalene Consciousness calling you? If you read this transmission and felt a YES from within you, then know it is true.

We love you, and through this transmission we have activated some remembering’s from within you. Know that as many men as women are being called to become the embodiment of the Magdalene Consciousness that will eventually see peace being restored to the planet”.

With great love for you,

Helen & The ECC