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Allo allo,

So I’ve been feeling pretty guilty lately thinking that I’ve been somehow blocking the energy of the ECC and not being able to bring through a new message. But that was put to rest last night when they came through like a bolt of (nice) lightening, boom within a split second it felt like my body was being lit up and I was left tingling from top to toe. I’m not really sure what actually happened but it was an amazing feeling of being enveloped in love and peace…and then a new message came through. Apparently I hadn’t been blocking, but I wasn’t ready to bring another message through until I had integrated the last one! Yikes I had no idea that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 6 weeks!! Some things are making more sense now! Here’s the latest message from the ECC. Lots of love to you xx

The Path Of The Heart Is Where We’re Leading You

“Our purpose isn’t to provide prophecy for the coming times. Our purpose is to lead you to embodying the unconditional love that the world is so desperately in need of.

Your journey to date has been to bring you back to embodying unconditional love. But this high vibration is mostly unrecognised on the planet and cannot be attained by a fearful mind. So, in some of our messages to come we will start to prophesise a little to help put minds at rest, in the hope of your realisation that what is to come is part of a divine decree. Everything on the planet is actually a divine decree if viewed from the consciousness of the heart. Right & wrong, good & bad are all blurred when you come to see the truth that life is conspired for your soul and not your mind. Your mind has a very important role to play, but it serves your soul. Society as it currently stands tries to have you believe that it’s all about your mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is what you come to realise as you follow the path of the heart.

Enlightenment is the embodiment of unconditional love. The embodiment of unconditional love starts with turning love towards yourselves, to include everything about yourselves. It’s loving your internal criticiser, it’s bringing esteem to the parts within you that don’t feel worthy of love. Do not underestimate how hard it is to actually accept that every part of you is worth being loved. The judger, the manipulator, the gossip, the liar. Perhaps those words make you cringe for it is easy to love the parts that are deemed holy, and reject the supposed ‘sinful’ parts, keeping you stuck on the wheel of shame. For some what we have just written will bring a light-bulb moment…a big AHA.

Being at peace within yourselves means accepting all of you – not just the parts that you’ve been conditioned to see as good. Everyone has a ‘darkside’ that being in denial of only serves to keep you stuck. Without taking steps to heal the war within yourselves you cannot truly be of service to the world. It’s coming to accept all of you that brings you to the frequency of unconditional love – the high vibe we are helping to assist you to.

If unconditional love and service are at the heart of your calling then this message is for you. Be honest with yourselves…you have heard the call from within yourselves but do you really understand what it is asking of you? Simply put it is asking you to become the embodiment of divine love in action, by starting with offering divine love to you. We love ALL of YOU – every part – the rager, the people pleaser, the controller, the philanderer, the addict – all aspects of what might make up you – and we want you to love you too. For everything that’s inside of you, asking you to act the way you do, is a gift for you. It may not seem like it when viewed from the perspective of your mind, but your soul knows this to be true. If only you knew how much you were helping humanity to come into harmony with themselves. Overcoming your inner battles through evoking the power of love is the most powerful form of service you can do for helping the planet at this time. There is no calling grander than making peace with you.

Everything that you are experiencing within you, you agreed to. From the inner battles you have had to fight, to the guilt and shame that have often left you emotionally paralysed. It’s time to take a step back from taking everything that has occurred so personally, and realise that you have been playing out your very own unique divine plan. Your personal divine plan has seen you transmute so much on behalf of humanity. Now it’s time to start to realise that this is true for you.

The love revolution starts with you loving you. It’s the spread of unconditional love across the globe. It’s the lighting of the spark that will then spread like wildflowers…gracing everyone in its path.
To the Saints & the Sages…welcome home. To Peace Blossoming From Within You,
We love you,
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P.S I tried to change the phrase ‘wildflowers’ to ‘wildfire’ thinking I’d got it wrong but I hadn’t and that’s exactly the phrase they wanted to use. Then it occurred to me how much nicer ‘spread like wildflowers’ is than ‘spread like wildfire’ – such a different energy! xx

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