New Message from the ECC: Calling The Divine Diva Within You

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Hope you’re ok?  Sending love your way. Are we really half way through the year already? Me thinks time as we’ve known it is a changing. The theme of today’s message from the ECC is unconditional love and a few days ago a friend sent me this really cute quote which really made me smile, that I want to share here with you…


And the ECC want me to share a quote with you too that’s very apt for today’s message:

“The Ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others, but ourselves as well.”      Elisabeth Kübler-Ros


New Message from the ECC: Calling The Divine Diva Within You

 “Your inner self is trying to guide you away from anything less than situations and people who respect and honour you, for being you. This is most applicable in the friends and family that you surround yourselves with, that affect you at an emotional level. In your personal lives we would expect you to be reaching a point of consciousness where self respect for you is tantamount. A real friend loves you for who you are, not who they want you to be or what they can gain from you. If you feel uneasy in a friendship that doesn’t invoke a glow from within you, know that energy is being pulled from you in a manipulative way, that isn’t good for you.

Don’t misunderstand someone not understanding you, as them not loving you. Often family set ups are exactly set up so that you can be the way shower within them. This is simply by you loving yourself first and foremost and then them witnessing your own transformation. This is not about knowing more than someone spiritually. There is a big misconception that breeds a form of spiritual arrogance where people feel their family and friends do not get them. No one can truly get you, only you, but that doesn’t mean they can’t adore and respect you. Your job isn’t to convince anyone to be more spiritual or to practice certain ways of being, your job is to love you and accept people exactly the way they are. To come to the self-respect that you will then give to others and expect from others too.

We are here to empower you to embody the self worth that will only tolerate allowing yourselves to be around those who genuinely love you. Many are very adept at saying the words that would have you believe that they love you, but are their actions following through? We ask you to step into becoming a Divine Diva (men & women alike) and only tolerating the highest respect from the people who are closest to you, for you cannot know true self-love unless you do.

You deserve nothing less than the love and adoration of you…which starts with turning your love towards you. Some might see our teachings as encouraging self-centredness, and we say that’s exactly what they are. They are drawing you closer to the centre of you. For when you go to your centre and find your true self you have won the game of life…you feel for yourselves the love for you. It is through your self-centeredness that you discover the love that is waiting for you, that you can finally receive for yourselves and then spread out to humanity in whichever way is right for you. Set your intention to become the embodiment of unconditional love – there is nothing the world needs more than your genuine love. Loving the world unconditionally starts with accepting and loving all of you. All of you.

We encourage you to listen to the 13 minute channelled Unconditional Love Transmission that we have transmitted for you, you can find it here.

To your blossoming into the embodiment of the unconditionally loving being that you have always been,

Time to Rise & Shine Beautiful One,

Helen & The ECC


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