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Just before going to sleep last night I started to write a lovely message about how 2017 is going to be a great year for many – a time of deep seated dreams coming true and about how many of us have had to experience so much to get us to the point of trusting that there’s another way to live, where we consciously let our hearts lead us – trusting our intuition/soul guidance above anything else. How there really is a plan and if we trust and have faith then all will be revealed at the perfect time. How trusting in divine timing is crucial and how so many lightworkers are now craving to be with someone who understands, honours and respects the deeper them – that just by intending for this to be true is enough to bring it to you.

And then I was jolted out of my automatic writing by my little one standing in front of me saying: “mummy I feel sick can I cuddle up to you”. I said yes, he snuggled in and then I carried on typing. And within a few minutes the inevitable happened! In my attempt to avoid the onslaught all over my bed I jumped up and then lost what I had written. Hmmm so in worrying that I would lose the ‘flow’ of what I was writing by carrying on typing I ended up losing everything that I’d written! It’s obvious now I should have stopped writing and focused on my little one but at the time I thought I could do both – but of course I couldn’t. Are you juggling so much that sometimes you wonder how you keep it all together?

Doesn’t living in the ‘now’ sound so great on paper, but it’s a whole different story living it in everyday life? And every time I think I’m coming close to mastering it something reminds me that I’m not. And I think that’s the most important part of this journey that we’re all collectively on. We need to go easy on ourselves in how far we have come. Moving from our heads to our hearts was never going to be easy. There are no quick fixes on the journey back to our true selves.

What we need to remember and remind each other of is the importance of really loving ourselves. It’s time to accept exactly where we are at. Perfectionism is the product of our minds, our soul’s agenda is in our evolution and growth towards fully embracing unconditional love, in remembering the great big spark of love we came here to be. Self love is the key and self love calls for us to be less hard on ourselves. To embrace all of us and to treat ourselves with the same unconditional love that we are learning to grace others with. It’s trusting in love, knowing that behind all the fears and worries, love is all there is. Part of our higher purpose is to fully acknowledge the love that we are, the compassion, the empathy, the understanding – in a world that encourages the complete opposite – which pits everyone against one another. Our love and understanding of the truth is needed now more than ever before. And that’s the whole purpose, that’s why we’re here. To bring love to a planet that’s living in fear.

And so I want to share with you a message that I received today…that I remembered to save 😉 xx

New Message From The ECC…

“Love is the real revolution that is sweeping the planet and love will blaze through all of your fears. It has to start with you consciously deciding to choose love above fear. The world wants you to chose fear, we are here to direct you to love. The only real battle that is going on is one between fear and love and it starts with you. Everyone on the planet is being called to choose to align with fear or love. What will you chose?

It is enough just to say inwardly that you choose love. You do not need to understand consciously what you are saying to yourself only that you are aligning with the frequency of love and not fear. As you do this, over time in your reality fear falls away and love fills all the voids where fear once resided. When you live outside of fear in the higher vibration of love the world you inhabit mirrors your inner state. This is how the world will change – one person at a time opening to inner peace. World peace starts within you.

You are coming to a time when the only choice will be to align with inner peace or inner chaos. Our purpose is to guide you to inner peace. It’s a profound role and one that we take most seriously, for the tipping point is needed in the coming years for the peaceful ones to take centre stage. The world needs new leaders who aren’t afraid to put compassion and empathy before corruption, competition and greed. As you start to see the world through the eyes of your soul you will realise how devoid of love the world has become. Of course there are pockets of love everywhere but fear remains the predominant vibration on the planet.

In surrendering more fully to your soul you are freeing yourselves from the grip of your mind which causes you to be fearful. You will see through the lies that are told to the world and not allow yourself to be controlled by a system that wants your servitude and your full allegiance to fear. When the mind surrenders to the soul it is at its most powerful. Let your heart lead your mind…if inner peace, joy and embodying unconditional love is your goal.

We promise you this: When you have consciously allowed the soul to lead you, you will know that it has done so for you will no longer be able to tolerate any form of control from personal relationships to the world at large. Embodying the high vibration of unconditional love starts with releasing control over every aspect of your life and letting your heart lead you. Control is an illusion – this you will come to know to be true.You can’t control another and they can’t control you!

And so we offer you a 7-step process in assisting you to align more fully with love above fear:

Step 1: Try to stop watching the news

Step 2: Intend to choose love and not fear

Step 3: Set your intention to connect more fully with your soul

Step 4: Set your intention to let go of all your self-judgement

Step 5: Accept that how you see the world isn’t really what the world is like

Step 6: Ask your soul for guidance every single day from now on – ask to start to see the world through the eyes of your soul

Step 7: Set your intention to experience inner peace from within you

We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we love you.


Loads of love,

Helen xx