New Message from Jeshua Ben Joseph…on Surrender & A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

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Hi, hope you’re ok and have enjoyed your weekend? Lots of synchronicities have happened in the last few weeks which have culminated in this message for you. I feel humbled to be able to bring it through! The deliverer of the message was known to many of us as Jeshua Ben Joseph. It’s part of a very very long message – so here’s the part that I’ve been guided to share today. With much, much love and big hug to you xxx


“The true seeker should start their day everyday in some form of honour to their Soul/God/Source whether that be by way of a meditation, intention or reading. It shouldn’t be about what you want, more as a morning offering to the divinity within you. It’s your chance to set your vibration to love for the day. Throughout your day you are being pushed and pulled between fear and love and your job is to come into complete resonance with love. When you are there, and some of you are and will be very soon you are in complete alignment with your Source/Soul/God and you realise that the answer to everything is love, and that judgement is just the egos way of not accepting that you don’t really understand life and trying to make sense of it. The most powerful thing you can say to yourself, an absolute truth that will send rockets through the ethers of human consciousness, is: ‘Source/Soul/God I don’t know, and I don’t know what to do’. Time to stop pretending that life as it is presented on earth makes sense. For it can’t. Everyone spends their lives believing they are in control, trying so hard to control the situations they are in, to get from them what they think they want and then in the flick of a switch something comes along that hadn’t been factored into their planning. This occurs as an opportunity to re-set you. To move from the illusions of the ego into opening your heart to Source/Soul/God/The Holy Spirit.

I wish to start to sound a bit more holy in my meanderings with you as this is really where we are leading you, to the most holy place you can come to be, allowing The Holy Spirit to envelope you. The Holy Spirit sounds very religious does it not, yet other names that have been given have diluted the power of love somewhat. The Holy Spirit is the holy power of love that changes everything. Many of you feel much more comfortable with the I AM Presence and that is absolutely fine, but we are taking you beyond it now, to God/Source itself. Some past works regarding the I AM Presence have included many judgements and this is where we wish to move you away from. For judgements cannot serve you on the path to enlightenment – of experiencing unconditional love and inner peace. When the presence of The Holy Spirit enters human consciousness the presence felt is a mighty one.

My partner here has been guided by me recently to seemingly stumble upon a rather profound course, that I was partly responsible for co-creating, that calls those who are ready to its classroom. Many are called for different reasons, and many are set to find themselves in its classroom to start their awakening away from the constraints of conventional religion. It is a virtual classroom, yet it is perhaps the most powerful classroom on the planet. That’s a bold statement for me to say to you, yet it is true. It is divinely sponsored by God/Source to bring you home to the true love that is you. It came into being by God/Source’s divine decree – you might say it is the online University of Love & Peace and its graduates leave with divine degrees in unconditional love and inner peace. I was given the go ahead if you like to bring through to humanity my teachings again in an attempt to bring to the planet the truth of my teachings that were presented to humanity as Christianity. Whilst some purity does remain within the Bible the majority of the lessons and teachings on how to become one with the Christ mind and therefore experience inner peace and exalted living were wholly misunderstood and manipulated.

The course is set to gain more and more momentum now – even though many will be very very set against it! It holds the energy of the Christ Consciousness and calls you when you are ready to receive it. Worry not if at a first glance your ego resists its teachings, for it is the ultimate tool in fully surrendering to God/your Soul and asking the ego to rest and let you return home. The wonderful thing is that it cannot be manipulated now as it has been set up in such a way that many hold the holy responsibility for carrying the purity of its messages out to humanity. Those very familiar with its teachings include and included Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Holden, Gabrielle Bernstein & Oprah Winfrey, to name but a few. If you feel drawn here is the link to the daily lessons of the course that I am referring to ( It is A Course In Miracles (ACIM) – perhaps it is calling you for whatever reason is right for you?

Please realise that humanities humility to God/Source has been desecrated to a certain extent by everyone being led to believe in God as a male. I see male and female as one so it is irrelevant as to whether God be called he or she. ‘He’ is not in any way referring to a gender – it never was, how could it be? I walked the earth with the greatest honour and respect for the divine masculine and feminine in everyone! It is however important for people who are awakening from the dogma of religion to feel comfortable with the terminology of God being referred to as ‘he’. They would be thrown off course if I suddenly started saying ‘she’. One of my purposes is to help heal those who genuinely feel a calling to God but have had that authentic calling controlled by religion. When humanity is healed they will honour God within them above anything else.

The course asks that you consider starting your day with the following prayer/intention:

“Dear Soul/God, What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say, and with whom?”

In service to the spreading the light of inner peace and unconditional love across the planet,

Your brother, Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)