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Here’s the latest message from the ECC. It’s a bit different, includes a song and I was asked to channel an audio activation so I hit record and then went with the flow of not knowing what was coming next! Apologies that I’m talking so quietly at the beginning! For those that are drawn to listen hope you can feel the frequencies coming through…xx

“We are changing our tune today, so to speak, in line with our dear one’s ascent into the higher frequencies of joy, gratitude, appreciation and unconditional love. In line with the new energies that are being born through and around her electromagnetic field we have asked for a different form of message today by way of an energy activation for you. For those that feel drawn please take 8 minutes out of your day, find a quiet place and enjoy the energy activation that we are sending to you, that will go right to the heart of your DNA. It is the frequency of en-light-ment – of unconditional love for yourself and others. It’s the awakening of your potential to fulfil dreams and see the world through the eyes of truth rather than the illusions that keep you trapped in suffering, pain and inner despair.

The key to your treasure chest stands between you and your belief systems. Allow for old belief systems to be dissolved and ‘brought to light’ and your Heart Light will be activated.

Here’s the link to the 8 minute audio energy activation that we would love you to listen to and embrace within you: Heart Light Activation

Let ET’s Heart Light be your inspiration for today along with Neil Diamond’s song Heart Light inspired by the Spielberg’s film…
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From our Heart Light to the awakening of yours…Peace Be In You,The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration

With lots of L❤ve,

Helen xx

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