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Helllooo & Happy New Year To You!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks and are starting to shift into coming back to you and making yourself a priority as this busy time starts to wane in the next few days. Hope it’s been fun and filled with love for you. Here’s to 2019 bringing you more joy, happiness, love and inner peace. And if you haven’t already go & see Mary Poppins Returns, and soak up the wisdom, magic and joy that the film is filled with xx

I’ve got a new message from the ECC that I’ve just written and also recorded so there’s an audio version too which is about 11 mins long which you can listen to here

Lots of love and big New Year’s hug to you xx 


Raising Your Vibration: Becoming A Master Manifestor 


We wish to bring you a New Year’s energy transmission ‘Raising Your Vibration, Becoming A Master Manifestor,’ to help you align more fully with your soul.

Please sit back and relax for a few minutes. Feel us coming closer to you, as you absorb this energy transmission for you. It comes with a different vibration to the previous Raising Your Vibration Transmission offered over a year ago. Why is this you might ask? Because there are different levels to the laws of vibrational resonance and as your frequency rises and you come closer to embodying unconditional love in your everyday life so you open to remembering manifestation from a higher level of consciousness.

And so please take some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe in and out start to feel your mind and body relax and bring your attention to the fact that you don’t need to consciously direct your breathing for it to happen for you. It happens outside of your mind by its own accord. Yet when you do connect with your breath consciously it brings great relief for you. For your mind & body are in unison – they are working together – honouring the greater you. When you are focused entirely on breathing in and out it is hard to think and this brings great relaxation for your mind and body. This is because the majority of your thoughts do not help you – instead they keep you locked in fear and worry and anxious about the future and beholden to your past. We are here to help you reunite with the true you beyond your thinking, beyond your body. We are here to lead those that want to, to living in the highest way possible.

This New Year will be bringing much change to many. The theme of the year is moving from the mind to the heart on a global scale. Too much attention has been put on the mind and not on the heart…and the truth about life on earth.

We wish for this to be a joyful transmission of light to be received by those who it is meant for, for you to feel the energy moving into and through you. The light is set to be amped up this year unlike any year before it. 2020 will be a turning point and 2019 will be its precursor. All beings truly dedicated to the light will see big, bold changes in their lives, true change for the better. Remember this could mean great inner change rather than actual outward change. For all change has to happen from within before great external changes manifest themselves. That said some are ready for great big external changes too, where life as it was and how it has been will never ever be the same for you. 2019-2020 will be a whopping year for you! Some of you will be thrust into a world that you could not see coming, yet something inside of you was whispering to you that it could come true.

Dream big our friends, dream big and do not ignore those inner desires. There is a big difference between thinking through the mind what you want and letting your soul inspire you. Divine desires are where we wish to lead you to. The way of the masters goes way beyond what is mostly taught about manifestation on the planet. So much of the teaching is mind based around thinking about what you want…yet has it not occurred that perhaps what you want from your mind’s perspective is not what’s best for you and would limit your joy and not enhance it. First of all what you should be really wanting isn’t a thing of any kind. Not money, a relationship, a new job it is the feeling behind what those things would give you that matters most in the initial stages of your manifestations. What do you really want to feel? Is it joy, happiness, peace, unconditional love? It’s the feeling that you want to receive that matters.

Now please accept this very controversial thought that we wish to present to you. NO ONE. NO THING. NOTHING can give you these feelings except you! Now what does that really mean? We know it’s written about in all the scriptures and in many other spiritual writings, but what does it actually mean? This is a most important and timely transmission to bring to you as the energy of manifestation and intention is heightened across the world as everyone brings in the New Year with their hopes and dreams of what the year could mean for them.

We wish to direct you to truth. True joy, happiness, peace & unconditional love happens inside of you as a consequence of you fully aligning with the light that is you. Of you allowing the truth to flow through into your life that you are one with Source, I AM/God/Creator and that within you is your inner director, your soul/higher self who knows exactly what is best for you. It is coming to trust the light when you have become comfortable with fear. It is honouring inner silence above inner noise. It is opening to receive all that your soul wants to bring to you.

For the external world cannot give you what you really crave deep down for and that’s to feel inner peace, joy and happiness – the inner experience of the light that you really are. That is then reflected in your outer world too. Yet it has to start from within you! Every single one of you knows at a deeper level that you are not who the world has made you out to be. From birth you have been taught everything you are not and now your spiritual maturity calls for you to fully remember who you really are.

Those that feel genuine oneness with their higher self/soul/God/source know that the higher part of them will bring to them exactly what they need when they need it. There is a detachment from needing to manifest anything, from needing to plan what you want to come to you. For you know your higher self/God/source has got it in hand for you, and knows what’s best for you. You also know and realise that the game of manifestation can become very mind based when ‘thinking’ about what you want. When you are aligned with your higher self/God/source you come to realise that something that’s right for you will bubble up as a desire for you and then come to you through synchronicity. True desire is divinely inspired! You really come to trust that the higher part of you has a much better understanding of what is best for you than you do! Things that your mind could never have comprehended your higher self can. So what we are saying to you is this. The manifestation game changes when you reach a certain level of consciousness where you know you aren’t lacking anything. That everything you need to have the best life possible and carry out your mission will come to you exactly when the higher you need it to. 

The holy way of the masters throughout time was to first and foremost to focus on their inner experience. Acknowledging that they did not know how to gain inner peace, joy and happiness and that it couldn’t be found outside of them. This led them to deep commune with their inner self knowing that they couldn’t find what they were searching for through their minds and their thinking. They knew it was through surrendering to their god selves, their souls/higher selves.

You are the searchers, the seekers, the wise ones who are once again going within and connecting with that inner knowing. When you truly intend to experience inner peace, joy and happiness all else has to fall away as it is out of alignment with your intention.

Masters lived their lives grateful and excited for what was coming. Just like if someone ordered you a present, and told you it was coming but didn’t tell you what it was you would be excited to receive it and then surprised when you opened it. Masters trust in the love of god/source/their higher selves to send them what they need in the present – from how they feel to physical needs. For them knowing that joy, love and abundance is their birthright. They are also very clear that they are here to bring love to a world steeped in fear and therefore they approach their inner divinity with a great humbleness and surrender. For they know that it is through the direction of God/source that they carry out their mission. They might suddenly get the deep desire to write a book, or go somewhere or contact someone and they will follow through with action knowing their desire has been divinely inspired.  And so we leave you with this idea to ponder on throughout your day:

True desire is divinely inspired

And please remember this: It’s not selfish to satisfy your soul, it’s really important at this time to really take time to connecting with you, the true you! Give your soul the space it needs to truly inspire you!

We love you,


“Most people think too much, that I’m certain of”

Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Returns