Now is not the time to be fearful…New message from the ECC

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“Now is not the time to be fearful. Now is the time to face each moment regardless of how you are feeling with love”.


It’s been a while since I’ve received a message from the ECC. I’ve been busy finishing my children’s book which is finally done! Yahhh! Hope this message finds you well? Loads of love and hugs to you xxx
Message from the ECC: “Now is not the time to be fearful. Now is the time to face each moment regardless of how you are feeling with love. So what do we mean by that? We mean that the natural evolution of the planet states that the next phase for humanity is one of self-reflection. And what do we mean by that? We mean that the collective consciousness is being forced to face themselves. Forced to have to stare back at themselves instead of always staring out at someone else and placing blame. The age of blame and victimhood is coming to a close. The true new age is all about self-responsibility. This will make much more sense to those who are the evolutionary fore-runners looking deep within yourselves and taking full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Now is not the time to be soft. It is a time of strength, a time to fully honour you, without any guilt or judgement about yourself. To realise that your feelings have always been your internal guidance system trying to talk to you – trying to show you the best way for you. Yet it’s only through ignoring some of those stronger feelings that you have come to know that your internal guidance system is real. It’s such an irony, and one that the mass consciousness will come to realise that you have never been taught about your feelings and how real they are for you. Instead you are taught at school to use your mind. Your mind doesn’t know what’s best for you – your mind only knows what it is told is best for you. Only your heart and feelings know the truth for you.

Most people are slaves to their minds and because of this they live each day in internal chaos. Their thoughts run wild and they live at the helm of a very strong inner critic – their mind. So much is misunderstood about the role of the mind in society. The irony that intellectual minds are so worshipped and those who creatively speak through their hearts such as poets, dismissed. There will come a time when intellectual thought will have no place in society for intellectual thought cannot solve the internal emotional trauma that most are living with day to day. The solution rests in honouring one’s feelings and feeling love for one’s self despite the feelings that have arisen.

The secret is in loving whatever emotional state you find yourself in moment to moment – without self criticism but with an open heart knowing at a deep level that what is there is there for a reason. You are working against yourself when you resist a feeling that bubbles up from within you. If a situation makes you feel sad then honour that sadness – don’t try to make yourself happy – for that is resisting the present moment that is asking you to acknowledge sadness within you. Instead feel what you are feeling and love yourself for allowing the pain of that feeling to be felt. It’s the place where miracles occur, that we guarantee. For once you accept all of you, the painful feelings as well as the pleasurably, you change the vibration from within you and then start to attract your dreams to you.

Everyone is living with unconscious dreams that most are unaware of. For they can only show themselves to you through your feelings. They can’t come through your mind. They shout out to you through your feelings – they make your heart sing and jump for joy. Nothing can close to this feeling and this is where we wish to lead you to. To all the dreams that are inside of you coming true. For dreams do come true, they do, they do, they do…
We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we love YOU”