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Congratulations on following the call to activate your Pineal Gland.

The importance of the Pineal Gland really cannot be underestimated if you genuinely want to connect with your soul at a conscious level and realise the divinity at the heart of you.  Every spiritual master knew about its importance and it was the focus of the ancient mystery school teachings, and throughout the centuries many wise philosophers, artists, psychologists and more have known about its significance. They all knew that they had to activate the Pineal Gland to sustain higher consciousness.



When the Pineal Gland is fully activated to higher consciousness you start to feel the truth for yourself – you step into knowing regardless of what the mass thought forms are. You ascend self-sabotaging thoughts and self-destructive thought patterns claiming higher patterns of unconditional love and inner peace for yourself. An activated Pineal Gland brings you the natural gifts of Melatonin, Seratonin and DMT. This occurs simultaneously as you brush off societal and parental conditioning and listen to your soul urges instead.


Here is a 3-step process to assist you in activating your Pineal Gland and shutting down its receptors to mass consciousness, to assist you in your awakening and ascension in coming home to the unconditional love that you came here to be.



Step 1


Order & read: The Secret Not Being Spoken About – Why Activating Your Pineal Gland Is So Important For Sustaining Higher Consciousness E-book.

This channeled book from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration carries energetic codes and frequencies within its words that aren’t bound by time and space – which are brought to you through Soul Conscious Technology.

Click on ‘Buy Now’ to order The Secret Not Being Spoken About E-Book (£2.99) or go to Amazon to buy a paperback copy of the book here.


Step 2

pineal gland audio image

Order & listen to: Pineal Gland Activation Audio

It is suggested that you listen to the audio every day for 21 days to get the maximum benefit, however it is also advisable to follow your own intuition as to the frequency of its use.

Click on ‘Buy Now’ to order The Pineal Gland Activation Audio (£8.99)


Step 3


Order & arrange session: 1-2-1 Individualised Personal Pineal Gland Activation

This is the next suggested step for those that feel drawn to deepen their awakening. It is a 1-2-1 personalised individual activation session in person or through Skype. Please note that you must have completed the first 2 steps before having an 1-2-1 activation session.

Click on ‘Buy Now’ to order a 1-2-1 Individualised Personal Pineal Gland Activation Session (£50.00)


*The Enlightened Consciousness Collaboration’ (the ECC for short!) is a group consciousness, compromised of highly evolved beings who attained enlightenment whilst incarnated on earth. We would know them as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Babaji and many many more. The purpose of The ECC is to offer a pathway to inner peace. A path to fully surrendering to the divinity within, and the realisation of the truth of who we really are.


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