Remember, Remember The Great Power In Surrender…New message & daily intention from the ECC

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Hellooooooo, oh my word it’s been a long time since I’ve sent anything out and that’s because every time I’ve sat down to channel it’s always been for a new book that I’ve just finally finished. It’s also because it’s been a time of learning to trust myself more and more and going ‘inwards’ a lot more than ever before and…having some fun in-between xx Then today I got the nudge to send this to you. The message is from the book I’ve been channeling (The Coming Times) and the intention I was guided to voice today (the link is included below). Please keep emailing me, I love to hear from you and connect soul 2 soul xx Big big hug to you xx
You are either here to evolve or here to help heal the world. It’s as simple as that. We are calling those who are here to heal the world. Who realise within themselves that their days of feeling less than and conditioned by the collective consciousness are numbered. Allow yourselves to rise out of the ashes of what you thought was expected of you. What you are here to do is align with your Soul. That’s all that’s expected of you. 


The most important thing you can do for yourselves is to consciously work at giving your Soul as much space to communicate with you as you do your mind.  The world needs new leaders who aren’t afraid to put compassion and empathy before corruption, competition and greed. As you start to see the world through the eyes of your Soul you will realise how devoid of love the world has become. Of course there are pockets of love everywhere but fear remains the predominant vibration on the planet. In surrendering more fully to your Soul you are freeing yourselves from the grip of your mind which causes you to be fearful. You will see through the lies that are told to the world and not allow yourself to be controlled by a system that wants your servitude and your full allegiance to fear. When the mind surrenders to the Soul it is at its most powerful. Let your heart lead your mind, if inner peace, joy and embodying unconditional love is your goal.   


You are your Soul, this is who you really are. When you realise this life will change in ways that you cannot imagine for you are letting your Soul fully guide you to the life that you deserve to live. A wonderful balance of serving The Divine Plan and assisting in the evolution of humanity and having all of your life’s dreams activated for you. For what you give out you must most certainly receive back to you. This is the truth that we and many others wish to present to you. We promise you this: When you have consciously allowed your Soul to lead you, you will know that it has done so for you will no longer be able to tolerate any form of control from personal relationships to the world at large. Embodying the high vibration of unconditional love starts with releasing control over every aspect of your life and letting your heart lead you. Control is an illusion – this you will come to know to be true. You can’t control another and they can’t control you!  


Yes it’s true your Soul is in control of you and there’s never been a more important time to hold this true. We urge you dearly to stop watching the news, for if you do you will be pulled into the fear that those who think they are in control want you to feel. We are here to help you rise above the fear, but it is up to you. Trust that the transient times that are beseeching you were planned way ahead of you. We take our proverbial hats off to you. The heartache, the training, the alignment to your Soul, the grit and determination to not be shunned by a society that doesn’t understand you. We would like to suggest a morning intention to start your day off to help you align more fully with your Soul and to start to feel more inner strength from within you. Please listen to this intention for as many days as you feel drawn to. Our suggestion would be 21 days, but please use your intuition to guide you. The 
Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention can be listened to here


We love you and are sponsoring each and every one of you who are earnestly working to connect with the divinity at the heart of you,
The ECC xx