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Reporting From Source…On Self-Love

photo“Today we wish to talk about the issue of self-love. It’s one of the biggest in truly coming back to yourselves. It affects how you feel about yourselves, which then directs how your external world plays out. If you are at odds with yourself not loving who you are, allowing the personality to convince you that its criticisms and judgements are the true you then you are orchestrating an inner battle that can be furious and internally violent – and you may not even realise it. The art of self-love is something that is alien to most women on this planet. The same can be said for many millions of men too but for this discourse we are specifically referring to women who spend so much of their time nurturing everyone else apart from themselves. You see you cannot really be in touch with the true you (your soul/true self) unless you start to consciously practice self-love. You can read lots of spiritual books, practice mediation, do yoga – do all the right things that suggest a life of the spiritually inclined. However if you are not properly engaged with conscious self-love – especially at a thought level – then you will not be able to consciously know yourself as your soul – the highest most wonderful outcome that anyone can expect to achieve. To some this is enlightenment, to others ascension and to many bliss, passion, joy and feeling alive in a way that’s not possible without perceiving and feeling yourself for the truth of who you really are.

The truth is you are all spiritual beings and it’s time now to start to act and feel this to be your truth. The spiritual being that is the true you, housed within your body (residing if you like in your heart centre) needs now to be heard if inner peace, happiness and success are what you are striving for in this life. Your soul is calling you back to the truth of who you are and the freedom that will bring. To the truth that as you honour the spiritual, soulful you, so your purpose and passions will shine through blessing you and all those who you will touch – sometimes just for being you.

You are enough in this very moment, in fact you are more than enough – what you have achieved to this moment is remarkable. You have managed to swim in a sea of ignorance, a denial of truth and a society obsessed with the external. But here you are willing to step in, and even perhaps jump into the unknown – that we guarantee will become very familiar. More so than your current reality, as you take the steps that are bringing you home.

“Your personality fears pain of any kind – your soul embraces it.”

You are enough. Everything that has happened to you, that you have experienced has had a purpose. Yes it’s true. Some of those harshest times were also your biggest breakthroughs. Lessons were remembered and inner AHA moments occurred as the pain acted as a catalyst for your soul and personality to become friends, merging and supporting one and other. Your personality fears pain of any kind – your soul embraces it. In those painful moments the unification that is necessary for soul consciousness takes place, at a level under your conscious observation and awareness. Through pain you gain – there is so much truth to this statement in terms of your personality starting to trust your soul and its guidance. Today after you read these words we would like you to say to yourself: “I am more than enough and I love myself unconditionally.” If this feels difficult to say and believe – do it more. Say it a hundred times a day if you have to. It’s time to chose thoughts that honour you instead of abuse you. As you start to observe how often you scold yourselves you will be given tools to replace those accusations with true statements honouring the goddess/god that is you.”

Signing off with love,

The Source of All Things