From Self Reflection To Soul Perception

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Hello. Today’s post is about embodying true self love and soul perception. I want to start it off by sharing with you an excerpt from one of my soul communications when I asked the question: What message do you have for me today? I want to share some of the answer in the hope that it will be useful for you. It wasn’t what I was expecting as I wasn’t fully aware of how little I valued myself at the time:

“Today is about taking some time out to be alone, get centred and get honest. Enough now of not loving yourself. Today is the start of your empowerment back to how you should feel about yourself – unconditionally loving. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself – yes it’s true. Whilst it’s lovely to have the companionship of a partner and spend lots of time with your best friend, if you’re not present with them in unconditional love of your self then chances are those relationships, if you take a good honest look at them, are actually draining you. Could you see that you are perhaps agreeing to do things that you don’t really want to do and not being the true authentic you, because you don’t feel worthy enough to be? Well it’s time for that to change. It’s time for you to put you first. I know I know you can’t do that it’s selfish right? Wrong! From your soul’s perspective what’s crazy is that you’re not putting you first, your dreams and what you really want from life. You’ve accepted being the passenger and now this about you taking hold of the driving seat!”

I wanted to share the above because I remember the impact it had on me in first realising my lack of self-worth and how I was appeasing others at the expense of myself. I wonder if this is true for you too? Sometimes it takes someone to point something out to help us see ourselves clearer. I can admit now that I didn’t feel worthy enough to put my needs and wants before other people’s – I found it impossible to say no or if I managed to, suffered from severe guilt. I had made an unconscious decision to put everyone else’s needs before my own even when that meant stepping aside my dreams and passions to try and be the person every else wanted me to be.

I’ve learnt that the path to healing self-esteem issues is to first face the fact that they’re there and then get to the core of why you feel the way you do. Yes it’s painful to face our supposed weaknesses and vulnerabilities but they’re our catalysts for reconnecting with our inner strengths and soul. It’s scary to face what we’d hoped at an unconscious level could be buried but it’s so necessary and so freeing if we want to live the authentic best life possible in alignment with who we really are. When we realise that it’s perfectly natural for us to have felt the way we have, we bring compassion to ourselves and start to override our inner critic.

Although it was initially difficult to face, I found it comforting and empowering to uncover the root of my low self-worth. It helped me to be more compassionate toward myself and helped me to overcome my self-criticism. The key is then to move from feeling like a victim of your situation to becoming empowered as a result of it. What’s incredible with this process is as you embrace your soul’s perspective great big changes occur in your consciousness, bringing you back to who you really are. You transcend the small version of self, transforming into the true version. You give yourself permission for your soul’s perception to be accepted by you.

It takes conscious effort to start to change our perceptions and accept them as our real truth, but the rewards are high. Our true self-worth comes from admitting and really starting to feel and believe that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. That everything has happened for a reason and that we are far more powerful than we believe we are. It brings us to the bridge where we come to fully accept our past and move into consciously creating our new future.