Service To Self – An Important Part of Our Life Purpose

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IMG_0690[1]The subject of Life Purpose is a wide one. There are so many great books on the subject yet it still seems one of the most confusing aspects of our spiritual journey back to our true selves. In reality we are the only one who knows our unique purpose for being here and it’s only through us deepening our connection with our soul that we truly own our power and step into our unique roles. However part of our Life Purpose is exactly the same for all of us and it’s something I was oblivious too until very recently. And that’s – Service To Self.

I spent years focused on trying to unravel my Life Purpose. I asked questions like: Why was I here? What was my purpose? And I always looked at my Life Purpose in terms of a job and service to others. I got answers – mostly from other people because I didn’t trust myself and the inner guidance I was getting. It seemed more trustworthy coming from someone else who was a fully-fledged spiritual teacher. I truly believed that all the answers to my questions could come from other people. It genuinely didn’t dawn on me that I held the keys to unlocking the true me. When I did get an answer for myself I didn’t believe it anyway and doubted myself which resulted in more often than not ignoring the advice or information.

In hindsight this hindered my ability to love myself and honour who I really was. It kept me at a distance from the unconditionally loving, wise presence within me that wanted me to listen and realise that its whispers were the true me.

My AHA came when a wise teacher told me that she could give me no more answers to my searching. That the road had ended for external help and that I had to go within and work on the issues that were stopping me from trusting my own inner guidance. I felt let down, abandoned and panic set up. Yet it was the making of me. Perhaps it sounds weird that I didn’t trust my own answers but I understand why now. It meant I had to face some pretty ugly stuff that I wanted to stay in denial about, as the emotional cloak of undealt with ‘stuff’ was clogging up and blocking my ability to trust and honour my inner guidance.

The heavy pain of facing things I really didn’t want to, took its toil and I can’t pretend it was nice – it was damnright awful at times – yet it took me to a place I wasn’t expecting to get to. Acceptance of the past. As I started to open to my soul consciousness, right and wrong became a blur as everything I had believed from my hurt personality point of view started to fade away. Where I had once viewed myself as a victim I now knew the reality that I wasn’t. It wasn’t an overnight integration but I can see now that as we heal our emotional wounds our personality starts to step aside and consciously lets our soul take the reins.

Our true self asks us to honour what brings us joy and to love ourselves. Our true Life Purpose is first and foremost to love ourselves and do what brings us joy from deep within our souls. From there everything else will unfold as we surrender day by day to the presence alive within us.

If you’re ready to make peace with your past and want to experience a breakthrough in your consciousness remember that your intention is everything (coupled with a little bit of action!). Try saying this to yourself at least a few times everyday for 21 days. I know I’m a stickler for intentions but it’s only because they’ve worked so well for me. For a good few months I had post-it notes everywhere – in my bedroom, in the kitchen – things to say before bed, others to say as soon as I woke up. It might sound mad and totally over the top but it works, as we’re consciously using our thoughts to create from higher consciousness instead of mass consciousness which keeps us gripped, amongst other things in fear, survival and low self-worth. The more we set intentions the more we are taking control of our life and creating from our true self. Try saying: My past finally makes sense and it feels fantastic to know I am free. I love myself unconditionally for all that I have learnt and remembered and now chose to be the real me.