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Soul Alignment Healing Sessions


Your soul is calling you to awaken more fully to the light, love and joy that you are. It’s time to let go of the past and false beliefs about you. As you more fully align with the true you – your soul/higher self – the past starts to release its hold over you. You start to live more trusting in the now knowing that your soul is guiding you and knowing that where you are at is exactly where you are meant to be. Sessions are sometimes focused on letting go of self-criticism and opening more to self-love and acceptance at an energetic level. However every session is unique. heart

Soul Alignment Healing Sessions last for one hour and include energy healing and soul guidance. Every session is unique and intuitively guided. Via Skype or in person in London & Essex. All sessions are confidential and you will never be judged for anything you say or ask.

Session: £50

Pay through Pay Pal and then please email me at: to let me know your timezone and the best times that would suit you and I’ll be in touch asap to arrange a time for your session.