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I want to share with you an exercise that I was guided to do. I know there’s so much talk about banishing our ego / personality for good if we want to become enlightened and awakened but I believe that we have to work with our ego / personality if we really want permanent results. If we resist our ego / personality seeing it as a hindrance then it’s much more likely to resist surrendering to our soul and will even rev up and assert itself even more. So here’s a really effective exercise for soul acceptance by your ego / personality. It might sound a bit childish but you’ve got to approach the exercise from a childlike innocence and imagine to first be your personality writing to your soul, and then imagine being your soul writing to your personality. Both need to be written with respect and gratitude for one another. Have a go and see what comes out for you…there’s no right or wrongs to this exercise. It’s all about soul integration.

Here’s the letters that I wrote to give you an idea, but yours will be unique for you:

A Message From My Little Self To My Big Self

Thank you for showing me the way, even when I didn’t think you were there. Thank you for showing me my weaknesses as well as my strengths so that I could come back to you. If you hadn’t shown me hate, I wouldn’t have known love. If I hadn’t been pulled over the coals emotionally I wouldn’t have had the deep desire to know what it was like to be at peace. Through all the downs I craved for the ups – believing that there was a better way to live, but not knowing how. I did always suspect that you were there – I never felt comfortable in my skin – could never quite feel at home always feeling like the outsider – trying to fit in! I understand now that all the emotional roller-coasters were necessary to bring me back into my body, so that I could feel again. If I couldn’t feel then I couldn’t come to know you, to actually feel that you were real. I finally trust you and it feels great to know that I can relax now. That I’ve done my job. Now it’s over to you to step fully into the driving seat. You’re fully in charge now and I’m not going to try and sabotage anything that you want to do now – not like I used to thinking that I was in control!

I look forward to our adventure with you at the helm. You seem to have it all planned out – knowing how to take me to my passions, purpose, peace and happiness. I can’t believe I actually thought that I was in control. Well I was in terms of how I was thinking. Little did I realise how abusive I was being to my-self. All that self-condemnation and self-criticism – but I’m not blaming myself because I know where it’s come from – but I’m so grateful that you showed me just how dysfunctional my relationship with myself really was. How was I ever going to follow the path to my purpose and passions if I didn’t believe I was worthy enough to deserve such a high reward from life?

Message From My Big Self Back To My Little Self

You did exactly as you were supposed to do under the circumstances. How could you not have thought you were in charge, when you had completely forgotten that I even existed. It happened very early on when you forgot about me, denying that I was there. You forgot about your big self and although I tried to get your attention it was to no avail. But then again it was supposed to be like this. If you had remembered and allowed me in consciously you would have been ostracized and everyone around you would have thought you were mad and then you would have shut me out anyway. So we planned it that you’d forget, go into complete denial and then gradually, step by step you’d start to remember. We knew it would take a while. The integration, the acceptance, the understanding, the coming out of denial. But you’ve done an amazing job. So hat off to you. You really have done a great job, but now you can relax. It’s your time to semi-retire. All your hard work has paid off. Thanks for trusting me to take over. It’s an honour that we can finally work together.