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Happy New Year!


Midnight marks the start of a new year and with that a whole new era of possibilities. Today is the perfect time to sit quietly and connect in with your intentions for the next year. How do you choose to be? Will you spend more time honouring yourself and your needs? What do you really want? This year is all about being honest with yourself and consciously opening up more to your soul. It’s about moving into true self-love and leaving self-sabotaging thinking and being behind.

If you can make one simple change from tomorrow set your intention to spending more time alone, getting in touch with the true you. Just intentionally connecting to your soul for 10 minutes each day can bring profound changes to how you feel about yourself and your life. Remember that how you feel within is reflected outside of you so make 2015 the year to overcome negative self-talk and start to love yourself for the beautiful being that you are – to really start to feel love for you.

Celebrate Your-Self

You’ve come a long way on this journey back to the true you. You need to celebrate yourself for where you are at. You wouldn’t be reading these words if you weren’t consciously following your soul’s calling and that takes a huge amount of courage and determination. So take some time today to reflect on being proud of yourself. Make today a conscious day of self-celebration. Despite what might have seemed like some severe ups and downs this year try and see the year from your soul perspective – that everything has happened – however harsh it might have felt – for the purpose of  bringing you closer to the true you. To bringing you closer to feeling the love from your soul, helping you to heal what needs to, so that the space can be created for abundance, prosperity and happiness to come to you. Remember as you change internally things outside of you change too.

If you want 2015 to be your best year yet, then focus on you. Focus on the things that are holding you back from really loving you. It’s hard to even admit that we might be talking to ourselves in an abusive, negative way but it’s far more common than honouring ourselves and speaking to ourselves in a loving way and how we would wish other people to. It all really boils down to how we were brought up, what experiences we might have endured and how much society has had an impact on our internal beliefs. If you had a difficult childhood then it’s very likely that you are sabotaging yourself – perhaps without even realising it. Lack of self-worth and self-esteem can have a disabling impact of how we view ourselves and that’s why I urge you today to make a conscious effort to take quiet time for you – for it’s only in that time that you can get to know the real you!

Here’s an intention that I want to share with you, that will act as a really powerful way of starting the first 21 days of the new year – just remember to say it every day. Just write it on a sticky note and pop it somewhere that you’ll see. You’ll notice after the first week that what you are saying will start to feel more possible as if energy is shifting within you, as you embrace more fully your soul perception:

I trust the true me to guide me to abundance, prosperity, divine love and happiness. And so it is.

I trust from the depth of my being that I deserve prosperity, abundance, divine love and happiness. And so it is.

From my soul to yours here’s to 2015 being the beginning of a deeper love for your-self and a deeper connection with your soul – and all the benefits brings!

With Love,