Why the term Higher Self can be confusing

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higher self, true self, soulThroughout my soul searching and wanting to reconnect with my soul one of my biggest stumbling blocks was the term ‘higher self’. It caused me a lot of confusion and so I want to dedicate this article to what I came to realise.

I’m not meaning in any way to undermine the term ‘higher self’ and it might make perfect sense to you, but for me it caused me to look outside of myself instead of inwards. That’s what I’ve come to realise that in all the time I was trying to connect with my higher self – looking upwards and outwards – I wasn’t focusing on going inwards and really feeling what it was like to connect with my soul/true self. I was looking to something higher than me, and didn’t understand what the term going within really meant. Yes I’d meditated for a long time and I did experience a few moments of bliss but nothing sustainable that could feel real. And that’s when I learnt that trying to connect to my ‘higher self’ enabled me to bypass the deep rooted feelings that were actually going on inside myself.

And I’ve come to understand that it’s much easier to go ‘up’ than ‘in’, but it doesn’t help us to feel our true connection. I actually believe that it’s one of the most uncomfortable things we can do to really ‘go within’ ourselves because it’s also where our pain from the past lies. There’s a thin veil that needs to be pierced through that effectively blocks our ability to know ourselves as our soul. But that veil can be broken and it just takes our acceptance to look at our past pain, feel it, acknowledge how it has affected our life to date, and then bring in acceptance and understanding from our soul’s perspective. As we do this we move from suffering into acceptance and as this happens we open to feeling the well of wisdom and truth that is really us.

So I invite you to focus on the term true self or soul as opposed to higher self and see if it helps you in connecting with the true you. If you really want to start to feel yourself as your soul it’s time to ask your-self what is blocking you from having a deep connection and hearing your soul’s guidance. To help you do this here’s my favourite exercise again for connecting directly with your soul’s amazing wisdom:

What you will need:

  • 20 minutes of you time.
  • Paper and pen or better still a pad specially dedicated you and your soul/higher self.
  • The door closed and your phone switched off.
  • The intention that the time is for you, your soul/higher self/true self.

Once you have read through the following instructions get comfortable, close your eyes and be excited to see what happens.

Sit in a comfortable position holding a pen between your thumb and forefinger of both hands – so that one hand holds the top of the pen and the other the bottom in a horizontal direction.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Consciously breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this about 5 times and then breath into your throat, then your heart and then your stomach and imagine you are connecting to your soul/true self as you do this. You will feel a slight shift in your energy as you do this – like your body is starting to relax properly. Now visualize the pen in-between your hands and set your intention that your soul will work through your hand to communicate with you. Now with your eyes still closed ask your soul/true self what message it has for you for your highest good. Without thinking open your eyes and write the first thing that comes through.

Setting your intention and consciously attempting to communicate with your soul/true self is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Enjoy!

Here’s to soul being, with love xx