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I’m feeling very grateful today for the reviews for newly published Wake Up: Spiritual Enlightenment Uncloaked. A big thank you to  and Becca Chopra for the posts on your websites and to everyone else who has taken the time to write reviews. It’s exciting to see that Wake Up is making its way across the world and touching people as its energy transcends borders, cultural divides and religious differences. Love & hugs xx

What people are saying about Wake Up:

5* I love this book, compelling reading, it highlights most important teachings in such a clear way, this is so needed for those who are totally unaware but also as a reminder for those of us who are conscious. Release yourself from the control and experience freedom- read this book! Miss L.A Segui

5*  The most amazing book that I have ever read. I have read it , reread it, dip into it regularly. It is the book for spiritual development.It is though it was written for me.It has changed my life and helped me become a more caring and thoughtful person.I decided to change my life two years ago and followed a new path. Although this made sense in my heart, it didn’t in my head! This book connects all those feelings and thoughts together and gave me the courage to embark on a new life. I flick through it when I need some direction, or inspiration and read the chapter that feels ‘right’ for me to read. Truly amazing. Ernest

5* This book came to me at the right time to give me the inspiration and the much needed guidance in my awakening journey. The book is simply amazing. It gives you the courage to act on your own spiritual calling. It helps you connect to your inner personality and life purpose. The book gives you the highest confirmation that you are on the right path in your own spiritual development. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be empowered and inspired. sarasakalova

5* Thank you Helen for overcoming your fear of “automatic writing” critics, and publishing this very inspirational information… It did wake me up to pursue a long time dream of writing a children’s book…”Wake Up” has many simple but powerful bits of information that anyone can benefit from by applying the suggested techniques…the best to you and your future endeavors. Steven McManus

5* This is definitely a channeled book! Helen’s message is clearly for the betterment of all and the truth of the message can be felt on a soul level. I highly recommend this reading, as after I picked it up, I could not put it down! Thank you for your message and being a conduit. Great work! Holly

5* Clear and insightful message pointing ways that one can take to find inner peace. The channeled message confirms that the outer reality is a reflection of beliefs, thoughts and intentions, and so the inner reality at the individual level needs to change first if any outward change is to occur. Helen Rose’s non-physical communicator champions the individual path and so I champion her book. It reflects precisely the most welcome direction that Consciousness seems to be taking in the world today.Dennis Grega, Ph.D

5* Highly Recommend this authors offering. Contains Very Practical Guidance for the seeker of self / soul awareness. From the start I sensed the authors sincere and authentic desire to be of spiritual service to the world and she is obviously successful in that intention. Her book makes sense on every page. And last but not least, it is also fully adorned with a treasure trove of beautiful quotes that are truly priceless pearls of wisdom. I totally enjoyed absorbing her work, for it surely represents the emanation of the purity of this heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your Spirit, Helen Jane Rose, Sincerely,


5* Wake Up: Spiritual Enlightenment Uncloaked is a book containing coherent and clear messages about waking up to inner happiness and spirituality. The author, Helen Jane Rose, claims to have written this by “automatic writing.” Upon reading the book, it seems most likely that this is a collection of channeled messages from a higher being, who has not introduced himself or herself, but is likely to be an archangel or guardian angel. The messages are deeply philosophical and emphasise the importance of change – evolving to higher consciousness, discovering inner peace and strength, breaking away from illusions and being one with the inner spirit. It is a strong, clear and comforting message and the author has included many useful quotations from famous people which add to the central themes of making a better future, being better role models to children, believing in change and learning to see through mass deception and control. I believe in the validity of the statements presented and also in the big picture described. It’s a worthwhile read for people who are new to spiritual thought and who are interested in essential and current concepts. It is also a useful summary for people who are familiar with common spiritual concepts. The style of the writing shows great confidence, sincerity and realism. 
I think that many people would find this book useful to reflect on their own habits and perceptions and discover the truth within themselves. There is definitely a lot of food for thought regarding creating more peace in busy lives, defining true success, respecting others and the earth, and accelerating the experience and growth of the soul. Nandita Keshavan for Readers’ Favorite.