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 Why Activating Your Pineal Gland Is So Important For Sustaining Higher Consciousness

We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we come with a new message today. If you are serious about connecting with your soul, surrendering to the now and fully becoming the human ‘being’ that you were always supposed to be then the importance of activating your Pineal Gland cannot be underestimated. A brief look into the history of the Pineal Gland will show you that it has been revered for centuries as the elusive gland that leads to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. What isn’t yet understood is how you can be completely controlled by this gland to the detriment of your inner freedom if you do not understand how it actually works. It’s a bit like a radio transmitter that receives signals and then decodes them and sends them out. Instead of sending them outside of yourself, the signals that your Pineal Gland receives spread throughout your body sending consciousness to your cells. In simplistic terms everyone on the planet is walking around picking up mass conscious signals every second of the day – unless they have consciously chosen not to.

So what do we mean by this? This will be one of our most controversial subjects and projects that we will speak about through our scribe. For it is about to become one of the most important aspects of human development and human potential, in rising above the status quo and breaking through all that is stopping you from finding your freedom. Your Pineal Gland is a gateway to enlightenment. Yes you have to do the inner work to get you there, but at the perfect time when your consciousness has risen to the point where you can no longer be controlled by your mind, your inner guidance steps up a notch in its service to you. Your inner butler and guru knows that you are ready for the push to ensure that you complete all that you agreed to. For we are calling on one million – a bold statement you might say – but nevertheless true. We know who each and every one will be who hears the call to awaken from within. It matters not how long one has been on the ‘spiritual path’ it is all about how committed one has been to taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions. It’s the point on the path when you move from Karma to Dharma, to being a pawn in the great controversy that is life on earth, to rising above it and acting as a catalyst for others to do the same. It is rising from the ashes of fear, negativity, self-doubt and low self-esteem to finally finding your true worth and the light and laughter that has been waiting to rise out from within you. It’s the transcendence that all spiritual masters of the past have talked about, the ascension if you like. It’s fully moving from the mind as your leader in life to your heart. It’s the ignition of your divine spark. It’s finding your light amongst a planet that heralds darkness.

In time religion will realise the futility of teaching people that God is found outside themselves. The Age of Empowerment that is now in full effect will come to be known as the time when everyone looked within. When a great shift occurred across the planet as people woke up to the fact that they were a soul housed within a body – that they had a direct link within to what they had been taught was God. That they could chose to stay stuck within the confines of a materialistic society or awaken to the fact that there was so much more to life.

Compassion will be the spring board for the great changes to take place, as a society devoid of any love for its fellow men cannot sustain itself for too much longer. As the voices rise calling for a new way to see the world millions will realise that business as usual will not be able to sustain itself and won’t be the order of the day. We are perhaps speaking in riddles but we are awakening within you a seed of consciousness that will benefit you immensely if you allow it to.

The_Secret_Not_Being_Spoken_About_copyWe recommend to you a new book, The Secret Not Being Spoken About, that we have co-created with our scribe, that is now published and ready to find its way to those that it is supposed to. It is a special book for it is channelled and carries energetic codes and frequencies that aren’t bound by time and space. The book acts to assist you in activating your Pineal Gland – it is nothing short of a Pineal Gland Activation brought to you through Soul Conscious Technology.

If you feel drawn please go to and get yourself a copy of the e-book and audio activation.


Acknowledging the light that waits to be activated from within you,

The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration




Lots of Love to you,

Helen xx