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Anchoring The Frequency of Unconditional Love Activation


I am told by the ECC (The Enlightened Consciousness Collaboration) that this Unconditional Love Transmission & Activation works in conjunction with the Pineal Gland Activation and that it doesn’t matter which way around they’re listened to…or you might feel drawn to one or the other, and that’s absolutely fine too.

As we open more fully to The Path Of The Heart and embodying the high frequency of unconditional love all that isn’t in alignment comes up from within us to be seen, felt, accepted and transmuted. You might become more aware of certain judgements that you hold, or perhaps how harshly you sometimes talk to yourself. This unconditional love transmission acts to ignite more fully the self-love codes that are stored in your DNA so that you can start to love yourself the way you are destined to, and then the world around you changes too.

All transmissions and activations are channelled and guided by The Enlightened Consciousness Collaboration*


Often through a transmission an energetic block will be released to make way for you to ground more fully your high frequency. When you can fully embody the frequency of unconditional love your life will change in miraculous ways and your light will touch all around you in magical ways.

Unconditional Love Transmission & Activation: MP3: £12.99

*‘The Enlightened Consciousness Collaboration’ (the ECC for short!) are a group of highly evolved beings who attained enlightenment whilst incarnated on earth. We would know them as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Babaji and many many more.