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Hello. I don’t know where the last part of 2015 went and can’t quite believe that it’s 2016 already – time as we know it is definitely speeding up! I asked my better self for some illumination on this subject when I was doing automatic writing the other day and was told that we are experiencing the quickening of time as a result of moving back to divine time – of living in the now rather than the past or the future. As we become more accepting of living moment to moment in the now we will actually feel as if things are slowing down rather than speeding up! I’m looking forward to fully embracing slowing down as at the moment I feel like my feet aren’t touching the ground! HQ was clearly reminding me that I’ve still got a lot of work to do in being fully present and living in the divine time of now! It makes me laugh that just when I think I’ve made a big leap I realise that it was just a little stepping stone! Can you relate to that too?

Anyway a few days ago I received a message from a collaboration of enlightened highly conscious beings, who refer to themselves as ‘The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration’ (the ECC for short!) who have come together as a means of not being tied to one religious denomination, culture or country, as they were when they walked the earth as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Babaji and the thousands of others who attained enlightenment whilst incarnated on earth. Their mission is to bring truth and the remembering and awakening that we are all one – that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience – that we have all come from the same source that we will all return to, and that religion is a man-made concept that has been used as a weapon against those genuinely seeking to remember their spirituality and divinity.

I plan to start posting their messages as and when I receive them. If you want to be added to the group that I email messages to just send me an email and I’ll add you too.

Message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration:

World Affairs Truth Report

Stuart Mills @

World Affairs Truth Report #1

“All is exactly as it’s meant to be. There are no mistakes in the Divine Plan, but to see this you have to change your perception – you have to see from the viewpoint of your soul, for you are a soul housed by the body, to experience life and all its polarities. The planet is the planet of duality therefore the opposite of everything has to be present. Where there is light there has to be dark – for you could not know either without the other. It’s all about balance on planet earth – it’s the law of the land that cannot be changed until the planet is ready to move to its next stage of evolution.

Many of you are here for the evolution of the species. Your purpose is linked to thousands if not millions of souls who also volunteered to steer the planet to its next evolutionary leap away from the idolization of the mind and back to soul perception – to a human ‘being’.

As we enter into the next phase of evolution much change must come. The earth is in the process of changing in its axis and as it physically makes its transition (like everything on earth where the internal is manifested in the external) the earth sheds all that no longer serves her (principally the low self-worth that comes from years of abuse). As Mother Earth chooses to consciously heal, so her inner struggle is magnified on the outer surface. Expect much chaos to come in the future based on the purging that’s needed but know that you have the tools within you to literally rise above all that is to take place. The key to your salvation is getting in touch with your soul and trusting its guidance, knowing that many of you are here at this time to serve yourselves first and then act as helping hands in the great age of transition.

The most important thing you can do for yourselves now is to consciously work at giving your soul as much space to communicate with you as you do your mind. Your mind is talking to you every second of the day and it’s time to let your soul in and start to gradually change your perceptions and therefore the world around you. If you genuinely want to be of service to the world it isn’t to try and ‘save the world ‘ as such it’s to try and get in touch with your divinity, the core of your joy and then to follow your own guidance as to where and what you should do. But really there are no ‘shoulds’ as when you are fully in touch with your soul you know what brings you joy and you also understand that any pain from your past was a catalyst for bringing you closer to the true you.

The planetary laws say that what you need to experience you must and out of that experience whether conscious or not, you become a little closer to the true you, your soul. It’s a feeling that cannot be logically quantified, it’s beyond thought – it’s a feeling that takes you into the deepest part of yourselves – your core. Remember you are all unified, you are one in consciousness and it’s now time to re-remember this truth as to not be drawn into the drama that is to unfold across the planet.

In peace, harmony and the energy of oneness we are The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration.”