Everything that is happening externally is a manifestation of what is happening internally – World Affairs Truth Report #2

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Everything that is happening externally is a manifestation of what is happening internally – World Affairs Truth Report #2

We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we come with our next World Affairs Truth Report, with the aim of bringing some clarity to world events that are shrouded in disinformation, illusion and the deliberate attempt to keep you divided and in fear.

What we wish to speak of and disseminate is the subject of ISIS.
Please for a moment stop and pause and ponder on the name. ISIS is a very powerful name. It is the name associated in ancient mysticism
with the goddess who still prevails over the world, who watches very
carefully as the Divine Plan for man to try and destroy all that she
has created plays out. The Divine Plan is having to play out, as it is and will be, due to the consciousness of man. It is the only way for events to unfold based on the consciousness of the planet. This is why many agreed to become enlightened and awakened to spread a sea of light into the darkness that is the consciousness of planet Earth. This is the only way for evolution on the planet to occur otherwise humanity will be stuck and trapped in a proverbial wheel that they will not be able to get out of.

Everything that is happening externally is a manifestation of what is happening internally. This is truth. Please pause to ponder on this fact. If everyone was experiencing internal bliss, peace,
unconditional love, compassion and happiness so the external world
would reflect this. But this is only how a very very small majority of the world’s population feel. The majority are spent living in internal fear, hatred, judgment, divide, jealously, envy and all the other human qualities that make life on earth the dark place it is turning out to be. Most are at war within themselves and therefore with others.

ISIS has been deliberately created to cause havoc on the planet,
leading the world into another ‘world’ war, not unlike the previous
two beforehand. This is because until now the earth’s economy has been built around war. Without war the economies of the West cannot sustain themselves. However the irony to play out is that this will be the demise of the West’s economies all together. They will hit rock bottom to be built up again ethically, based on the principles of peace not war. The banking system is intrinsically linked with war. They are one and the same. Think if you like that the banking system is actually set up to fund war. War is in fact the most fruitful industry on the planet.

Whilst everyone is being distracted, going about their day, working,
relaxing, switching on entertainment etc, the world outside of this
reality is very different. You’re actually living on a planet of war. There has never been a time when the West has not been at war. There is no such thing as peacetime. Please think about this fact for a moment. The West has continually been at war but because it is not put like this to the public it is not realised as such. Also because war has always been taken elsewhere, it has never truly felt like a war, in the sense that the West has suffered huge consequences. On the contrary. The West has really got off scot-free compared to country after country that has been raped and pillaged, with its peoples left to die. This might be harsh to read but it is fact, it is truth.

It is coming to a time when the voices who are brave enough to speak
the truth will be needed. They will assist the Divine Plan of finally bringing the planet into an alliance with a peaceful negotiation that will see that war is no longer used as a money making machine. This can only happen as people start to respect the life they have been given and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. It is based on people realising that they are far more than they think they are, and that they have been deliberately misled and kept in metaphorical cages, so as to stop this realisation from occurring. But occur it must, for outside of the dark reality that has swept the planet for millennia lies a miracle that is now within so many people’s grip to experience – that is the dance with the divine. The realisation that life can be a peaceful, joyous, happy, abundant experience where co-operation, compassion and ethics are the ruling force of society. Perhaps this sounds idealistic but it is where we are leading you, to a life that is divine in nature – to the New Earth that Eckhart Tolle and so many other enlightened ones have referred to. There has never been a more important time to get in touch with your divinity. To realise that you have all your own answers to life’s mysteries and that you are not the body and mind you have believed yourself to be. You are a soul whose awakening is deeply needed now.

From a higher consciousness perspective everything is perfect as the
billions of souls learn the lessons and understandings that their life experiences have brought and are bringing to them. But as we drop down into a lower frequency to convey that that we must, we do so not to create fear but to create the complete opposite. To surround you in the love of truth and the releasement from denial. For denial is a trap. To deny who you really are is trapping yourselves into being led down a path where only the few can benefit. The chaos that is to come will create havoc with those who are unaware of the game that is being played to remove their sovereignty. It is time to come out of denial and centre yourselves on connecting into the true you, to the wise being that is you, who knows the truth of what to do. Who knows that being caught up in the drama cannot serve you – only to rise above it can. For in the rising above you are able to assist the situation that you would have otherwise been a slave to.

We hope this makes sense. This message is somewhat long and stern as a tool for awakening a part of you that is in denial about the current situation. There is nothing to fear, know that you are protected through the coming times as much change braces the planet. The shift is occurring in all of its capacities and you are at the edge of a huge evolutionary leap that cannot fully be understood in this moment

In peace, harmony and the energy of oneness we are The Enlightened
Conscious Collaboration.”