World Affairs Truth Report #4 – The Coming Crisis Is Part Of The Divine Plan

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News Flash…The coming crisis is part of The Divine Plan.
In other news…All who are supposed to are being called to find a deeper meaning to their life.


The coming crisis is nothing short of a miracle as seen from the higher perspective. It’s about the old ways, systems and beliefs crumbling to make way for The New Earth to take centre stage. Co-operation and compassion are to be the leading themes in the revolution that is to sweep the planet.

It is a fact that in times of crisis the soul takes the lead. The era of the mind being in control is coming to a close as soul consciousness sweeps a world dominated by inner chaos. The chaos has come as a result of misalignment with mind and soul. For too long now everyone has idolised their minds. It is now time for the soul of the nation to step forward. First through individuals reminding the whole of the human capacity to love and then as a collective once the tipping point has been achieved.

We are sending out a world call to those who feel the truth of our words. Whilst the West is steeped in propaganda relating to the imminent presidential elections, the world is becoming more and more desensitized to the truth of what is really going on. What we report here is truth. It is truth that we wish you to hear so that you can rise above the chaos that is to come, and not get tossed and turned and swept in one direction and the next by the propaganda that is designed to do just that to you. Please trust us when we say that what is being propagated about Russia and ISIS in your news is in no way the truth of what is really going on. Please try not to have opinions based on being ill-informed by a media that is only telling you what they want you to hear. Please also don’t get sucked into the anti-media anger as this will also keep you locked in a system that we wish to free you from.

The coming chaos is part of The Divine Plan. No amount of meditation or prayer can stop what is coming, for its purpose is to bring people back to the truth of who they are – a soul housed within a body. The irony is that certain world controllers believe that it is their plan that they are playing out – yet we say the truth is their souls were just given the green light and information for this to happen. They are unaware that their plan is to bring the energy of co-operation and compassion to the planet as humanity moves one step closer to understanding the truth of unconditional love.

Much of the world is unaware of what is really going on in the Middle East. Whilst we are not encouraging anyone to start following the false news propaganda that is being presented to you as truth, we are asking you to realise that outside of the insanity of the US electoral campaign, country after country is under siege and a world divide is occurring. It is the split between the Western world and the soon to be obvious Russian/China Co-Alliance. As it becomes more obvious that Russia and China have aligned know that things are going to get chaotic. There is so much happening that you are unaware of and the purpose of this message is to help you rise above so much fear that is to be propagated. We wish to guide you away from the fear mongering that is to occur. Nothing is as it seems, please remember that. You cannot rely on the media to tell you the truth as to what is occurring and for that reason we ask you to go within and focus on finding peace within yourselves rather than being fooled into believing what the media want you to think. Think with your hearts and remember that at a deep level you all know that you are one human family regardless of colour, race or religion. Holding this conscious standpoint will become imperative at a time when universal deceit and divide will be at its strongest.

There is a revolution taking place and it isn’t what is seen on the outside. The revolution is one of great internal change to make way for a new way of living on the planet. The current way cannot sustain itself for much longer. For some time now we have been trying to take you inwards away from the outside world to the truth of your soul. We ask each and every one of you to try and accept that your soul is in charge, not your mind. Your mind has no idea what is coming in the future but your soul does. A five year business plan will be the biggest waste of anyone’s time in this present time you are stepping into. This time is about moving from the mind to the soul. It’s about shifting into the heart. To coming home to the unconditional love that you are – in whatever way that means to you.

The choice for the coming years is to live in fear or start to surrender to the soul. By this we mean live within the confines of the mind or start to let your heart lead you – to let yourself be led by love rather than fear.

Many have warned of the coming times. Those currently living in the Middle East and trying desperately to escape from it are more than aware of what is really going on. The West will be brainwashed into believing that yet another war will solve the worldly problems. We are here to guide you away from believing such a reality. Whilst war rages across the planet, the peaceful ones are being called to turn their inner tranquillity into outward action. Action driven by the soul is what will save the day as more and more go inwards as the solution to the outer chaos that is to come.

We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we come to bring peace from within you.



Helen xx


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