There’s always more than what meets the eye to the Solar Eclipse’s that pass you by….

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We are the Enlightened Conscious Collaboration and we come with a new message to boost your self-esteem during this time of great change within the energies on the planet.

Today signifies a great change in the way that the cosmic energies are released to the planet. There’s always more than what meets the eye to the Solar Eclipse’s that pass you by. And as the momentum builds with what will be for many the most momentous eclipse yet to affect their energy fields we come with a message focused primarily on self-love.

To some Solar Eclipse’s are an intense time of chaotic influence, whilst to others they bring a deep healing. Everyone receives what they are supposed to but our guidance is to bring you to a conscious awareness of your ability to harness the power of the positivity that these gateways bring. For they bring with them the opportunity to heighten your journey into oneness, your path to self-realization on your journey back to en-light-ment.

We tell you that the next 2 weeks in earth time are a very potent opportunity to harness all that the eclipse today brings to you. Meditate if you feel drawn to how you individually can use this energy for the betterment of yourself.  We have asked our dear scribe to hold an evening next Thursday (17th March) where we will transmit to you collectively and individually what will best help you to harness the power portal that has just opened up for you.

You are all moving at the pace that is perfect for you, back to the truth of who you really are – a soul, an energetic spiritual being housed within the physicality of your body. This vehicle is a wondrous thing, a creation of beauty in all of its uniqueness that is YOU. One of the first steps to fully embracing self-realization is to love who you see in the mirror – the YOU that is reflected back to you. It is very hard to find the internal love we are guiding you to if your outer reality repulses you! Perhaps this sounds harsh but most are unhappy with their outer appearance in many ways. If this doesn’t apply to you then wonderful – half the battle of coming home to the true you has been won – but for most this isn’t true. Past wounding has made it difficult for you to love you, but we are here to lift the veils and help you to overcome what can no longer serve you. However hard it might seem to do, holding onto past hurt can do nothing for you.

Where we wish to guide you in this moment is to coming home to the fact that how you see yourself is the exact representation of the energy that you give out externally about YOU. If you feel ashamed when you look at yourself and your body and not proud and self-adoring then that is the energy you admit to others at a level that isn’t obvious but is nevertheless true. If you see yourself as less than, as so many do, you are directly pulsing that energy out of YOU. Our aim with the words that are written here is to bring you to the point of accepting YOU. To fully embracing who you see as YOU and learning to love yourself exactly as you are. For your uniqueness is your gift. Trying to change to be like someone else, or appease someone else who wants you to be different is criminal to you. Yes this is harsh language that we use but it is true. Self-cruelty is so prevalent that it upsets us to watch how many view themselves as less than, when we see the truth of the beauty that you are.

You are all divine beings having a human experience – for some this is a stretch to the imagination but for others you know in your heart this is true and where we are leading you – back to the divinity that is you. For many of you reading these words there is a purpose for you being here at this time in history. It is to be a beacon of light, a lighthouse if you like, to help others find the safe passage away from the darkness within themselves.

The aim of the game is coming back to the light – of knowing yourself to be the frequency and vibration that has always felt true to you, yet that you have left unwittingly in an attempt to fit in with the status quo. Trying to find yourselves in the status quo will never do as this is where you cannot find you.

We ask you today to take a few moments to connect with nature. It might just be to stare at a flower in your house, or you might consider being close to a tree. We ask you to look directly at your choice. Really look and see and realise that like nature is affected by the seasons and cycles you are too. You are entering into the cycle of Spring – the opportunity to invoke new beginnings, a time of action and a most wonderful time for healing all that is holding you back from being all that you can be.

Einstein QuoteWith the energy of upliftment, joy and truth that we are sending to you through the frequencies of this message, we leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein that we would love you to draw into your heart and feel the truth of.

Peace Be In You,

The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration

For anyone who feels drawn I’ll be holding an evening next Thursday 17th March 7pm-9pm. I’ll be channeling an energy transmission to help you assimilate the energies coming through from the Solar Eclipse. The theme of the evening will be ‘Aligning To Your Soul Purpose’. Energy exchange is £10.00. If you want to come along just email me or go through my meetup page. 

Lots of Love,

Helen xx
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