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Hi, hope you’re well? Here comes the latest message from the ECC. I was introduced to Bentinho Massaro this week who’s a fab enlightenment & empowerment teacher. Want to share his website with you in case you feel drawn to look him up and listen to his wisdom. You can find him at but he’s also got lots of videos on youtube…one of which is referred to in the message below. Big big hug of love to you xx


World Affairs Truth Report – The Coming Times


All is not what it seems…and all that seems ok is not. This might sound like a riddle but it is never the less true. The coming times will see the majority on the planet in panic mode. We wish for you to be in peaceful mode. We wish for you to feel at the very depth of your being a peace that tells you that despite the outer circumstances of chaos, you are more than ok. In fact you are at peace.

For the world to survive the coming times the peaceful ones must realise that they are here to be part of the solution to the chaotic times ahead. Where there will be attempts to divide and conquer, you are here to unite. Where there will be attempts to create mass fear, you are here to create its opposite. Do not fear… for you are bringing love to your own lives and those surrounding you to then help on a bigger scale. We say again you are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the ones who have worked diligently to rise above the fear on the planet.

The news will now take on a life of its own condemning those who believe its every word to a life of fear. You are here for a life of love. To rise above the fear. You can only do this by taking responsibility for your vibration…as most of you are. To some this would sound likegobbledygook but to those who know the truth we come as a reminder that your vibration is everything. If you only took the time to work on your vibration and nothing else you would see miracles in your life…that we guarantee..and that you will see. We would like to suggest this short video to you, with a simple yet profound technique to try – Raising Your Vibration Two Hour Challenge – Bentinho Massaro. We would recommend, if you feel drawn, to indulge in some of Bentinho’s teachings.

Soon we will be gifting you with a short meditation to help you raise your vibration every day. It’s time to reach for the highest vibration you possibly can. We tell you that your energy levels are everything, but not in the way it has been perceived on the planet. It’s time to fully embrace the spiritual being that you are and remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is not the other way around. Recognition of your true self is needed now. You are energy. This is at the core of you. It’s profound but never the less true. It’s what science knows and what we wish to remind you of too. You are energy…all of you. Your physical body is affected by the energy that is you. Is your vibe high or low? That’s where we want to work with you on getting you as ‘high’ as possible now. Enough of low vibration clearing. It’s all about your innate desire to be up in the vibe that you deserve to be in…where you attract the life that you always knew you were destined to have, deep within you.

With the greatest of love for you,

Helen & The ECC

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