World Affairs Truth Report – All Is Not What It Seems

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World Affairs Truth Report – All Is Not What It Seems

All is not what it seems. We have said this many times before but now we mean it more than ever before. For all that seems to be playing out on the world stage isn’t real and it needs you to realise this so that you don’t buy into what is being presented to you.

We don’t want you to go into fear about the coming times, for what is playing out has to, for it is only a reflection of what is going on internally within the majority. So what do we mean by this? We mean that the external reality which is broadcast to you is governed by the internal reality of the majority of the collective. So as harsh as it might sound the majority in the collective consciousness do want war, do want divide and conquer and don’t want unity and peace. This is a fact. This isn’t spiritual diatribe this is the truth of the reality that faces you, if you chose to believe what is being presented to you. But it doesn’t actually face you because you have risen above it, for you cannot vibe at the frequency that the majority of the planet are vibing at now.

Fear and separation are no longer your vibe and therefore you will find that your eye will no longer focus on the supposed terrors of the world in front of you. For you are moving to the realisation that your personal internal reality is reflected outside of you – yet that is a paradox too! As you start to focus on how you feel within you, so your vibe attracts those who are doing the same thing too. You are being called to embody the light that you came here to be. Remember that your soul is 10 steps ahead of you.

Your manifestation skills are waiting patiently to be used by you. Your power to create all that you can dream of being and becoming are being activated as you read these words, the power within and around you is where your attention should be. Your I AM presence, your soul, higher self – the names and labels aren’t important it’s the state of being and awareness that matters most.

What are you aligning with moment to moment – your mind or your soul? That is the most important question you can ask yourself now. Am I listening to the silence of my soul and allowing its natural flow to move me, or am I allowing my light to be dimmed by aligning with the never ending dialogue of my mind? Start to trust the silence more and more and see your thoughts for what they really are. Intend to release your mind’s hold over you. Your soul is in control – but it is up to you to realise that this is true for you.

We would like to draw your attention to a message that we created a while ago, that is very relevant now. If you feel drawn to, we would urge you to read the message about ISIS which you can find here:

We love and honour you,

Helen & The ECC