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Hello lovelies, it’s been a while since I’ve written and that’s because I’ve been in the business of having to face some fears. I can’t pretend it’s been anything but challenging, uncomfortable, exhausting and testing, but somehow through it my faith has got stronger. Another layer of programming and beliefs seem to have been wiped away. New insights and divine downloads have come my way.

I hate confrontation but the last few months have forced me to stand up for myself. I know many of you can relate to this too – it’s the uncomfortableness of doing things that in our minds we don’t want to do, but our soul has other ideas and knows exactly what it needs us to do! These last few months have shown me that standing up for ‘us’ will always come with resistance. It can’t be any other way. Us standing up for ‘us’ will either be respected or will be met with hostility. And if hostility is what we experience then that is what we have to face, accept and decide if our self-love is strong enough to push through or settle for anything less than what our heart is guiding us to. My heart wants me to be peaceful, happy and free…it’s the same for you too!

For many of us it’s felt that life has dealt us a harsh hand, yet in reality we agreed to wade through the depths of darkness to embody the light. We didn’t realise what we were doing at a conscious level, but our soul knew all along. Divine alchemy is the name of our game. Bringing truth and unconditional love to a planet steeped in abuse, part of our plan.

I could waffle on but I want to share the latest download from the ECC with you. Love you xxx

World Affairs Truth Report – Warriors Of The Light Unite:
New Message from The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration

“The time has come for the first wave to realise more fully why you are here. A clue is in the current showdown taking place in the United States, that is to set the stage for what is to come. Even the optimist must be looking and watching world affairs in a state of complete apprehension for it is now being pushed into the forefront of everyone’s consciousness that the world is most definitely not what it had seemed. For those in denial about the very sorry state of the world, the world news now offers no option but to see past the illusion that all is ok. It is far from ok.

All the light warriors reading this post please know that all your hard work to face your shadows and stand firm as the courageous ones that you are, will now stand you in good stead to take up the reigns as an emissary of peace during war time.

There is a big difference between being a true light warrior and being part of the resistance which is to grow and grow. The resistance is fighting against the events taking place on the world stage. Of course they have a place in the drama that is just starting, but your higher consciousness is needed to see beyond the duality that is to occur.

Your collective purpose is to support humanity in remembering their divinity and unity at a time when many will be experiencing a spiritual crisis. Many will be unable to find solace in conventional religion and will be desperately seeking to find an alternative source of inspiration. You are all needed as pillars of light who have waded through the depths of darkness and chosen to align with the light. Most choose to consciously align with darkness not realising that the light is their true nature.

For too long the collective consciousness has focused on the idea of sin as propagated by most religions, rather than transcendence. All religion teaches about individuals in need of salvation. This has never the case. Every individual is perfectly where they are supposed to be, this might be hard to understand but is never the less true.

Now is not the time to judge anyone or any situation. We wish to remind you that what is playing out on the global stage is a reflection of the consciousness that resides within the majority of humanity on planet earth. Yes it is a very sorry state of affairs if viewed from this perspective – too many souls are living believing that they have one life and must try and race ahead of the others. There is no community, compassion or co-operation and therefore the world cannot sustain itself as it stands. Remember there is no saviour that comes swooping down and saves a nation. The nation must collectively choose to rise in consciousness. Now, seen from another perspective this has already occurred, as the strength of the warriors of light is unfathomable from where you stand. But we see that the tipping point has taken place thanks to the collective of light warriors who have diligently heard the call from within themselves and worked tirelessly to overcome all the programming and propaganda that has wanted to subdue them. It is time for the warriors of light to really realise the amazing pioneers that you are. You are the ones who are leading the next evolution on planet earth.

The peaceful ones will be honoured and revered for their work in transcending human consciousness. Science will ultimately catch up and those holding the frequency of Christ consciousness will finally be revered for the saints that you really are. The ones who humbly cared for humanity to such an extent that you sacrificed so much of yourselves for the healing of the whole, often forgetting in the process the great big beings of light that you really are. But as the shackles of the first part of your mission lessen, as your inner courage, strength and peace is restored you are rising as beacons of light, magnets if you like, pulling other souls out of their own darkness.

Eventually you will not fight or resist anything. You will boldly step out as activists of the light, reminding the world of the divinity that resides within them. The inner battle is coming to an end. It is time to stand aside as the collective shadows of the darkness that pervades the planet rises for all to face and see. Denial can no longer be the name of the game, the collective conscious must now face all that has been systematically swept under the carpet. Big big changes are to come across the world. All is for the purpose of the rise in consciousness that was written in the stars eons ago. Please remember that nothing happens by accident, that all is part of the Divine Plan. Many stuck souls are to be freed from the bondage that has kept them believing in the propaganda about themselves.

Warriors of the light it’s time to unite within yourselves. It is time to more fully unite your mind, body and spirit to embody the divine light that you really are. When you are in internal unison you are fully united with the universal source that brings light to a planet steeped in darkness. It is through you that the planet changes. It is the divine alchemy of accepting and then transcending the darkness within. The first part of your lives was dedicated to blindly battling from within yourselves. The next part is to experience inner peace.

Be willing to leave many teachings behind now. Become more discerning about what feels like truth to you. You are all on your own individual journeys yet share a collective mission. The truth for you comes from within you. A teacher can be a guide and is often there as a helping hand when you feel lost and doubting, but trust the voice that whispers to you. Life will bring confirmation to everything that you listen to from within you. Life experience is the confirmation that will come to you. You are moving out of the shame game. All teachings that tell you, you are anything less than a great big beacon of light are misleading you. They have served their purpose but like the toddler who no longer needs to cling to the table to assist them in standing, it’s time to leave behind props that were supporting you, that no longer help you. For you have gone past the need for them. You are strong on your own two feet. Trust the new insights that are coming to you now. Your purpose is to realise the divinity that resides within you and then share that knowing with all who are magnetised to you, in whichever way is right for you.

To the saints and sages…your royal red carpet awaits you. Please step on and walk with the confidence that royalty do. For the blood that pumps through your veins is divine DNA – it is the Holy Grail that guides you.”

With love to you,

The ECC & Helen xxxx

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