You’re Being Called To Return To Love – New Message from The ECC

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Hi, hope you’ve had a fun summer where ever you might be. Here’s the latest message from the ECC. It’s all about unconditional love…love for you and love for all that is meant to be. It’s about choosing love above fear, but it’s not the mushy kind of love that’s spoken about here. It’s the love that transcends all of your fears…it’s the power of love to heal all of your hurts. It’s the love that accepts nothing less than you loving you, then turning that love outside of you. Big hug of love to you xx


You’re Being Called To Return To Love

“Feel as you read this transmission a sense of peace rising from within you. Feel a warmth from within in the recognition of the truth that you are being called. You are being called to return to love and it starts with you, before it can then permeate out to all those around you. True self love has a magnetic pull. When you are living life through the embodiment of self love you only attract 2 types of relationships – those that bring to you so much love that it can be physically overwhelming for you and those that you love overwhelmingly, despite what they do. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the mushy type of love that has been propagated. True self love will often call people to account. The stepping stone to embodying true self love is making a stand for all that is not loving towards you. When you decide that any form of abuse will not be tolerated by you, you step into the energy of divine love in action. And it isn’t mushy but it is oh so powerful.

The only way many will learn from their behaviour is by being called out, and not in a passive way that allows them to continue to be abusive. Some might call this being confrontational – we call it standing up for love. Many of you who have stood up to abusive relationships and walked away from them have done just that. You have stood for love above abuse. You have taught through your actions that abuse won’t be tolerated and it reaches much further than just the relationships you have walked away from or stood up to.


With fear set to run rife on the planet it has never been a more important time for those who came to embody unconditional love to be activated from within themselves. So what do we mean by this? We mean that an inner calling has cometh to you not through words or actions but through the energetic activation of your soul. You made an agreement that at a certain point you would hear the inner call to return to love. To love you the way you always dreamed another would do. To hold yourself in the high esteem that you were always supposed to. Many have come your way to topple the love that was waiting to show itself to you. Many have been responsible for you being anything but loving towards you. Yet against all the odds you have heard the call.

So what does it mean to really love you? The answer we would like you to hold dear is to accept ALL of you, exactly where you are now. Pause, stop if you like and have a look around at yourself. Most reading this post are the epitome of love – you know by default how to make someone feel loved, cherished and adored but do you know how it feels coming back to you? You can’t really know until you have given that same love to you. Accept ALL of you, every little thing. And the things that you think aren’t loveable about you…love those parts even more. We want you to love, love you, to accept and love all of you. And here we take a teaching from our brother-in-arms Matt Khan…please tell yourself at least 20 times a day ‘I love you’. Tell yourself ‘I love you’ to bring love and peace to the inner child that sits wounded within you. No one is exempt from needing to bring unconditional love to themselves. And when you do…life takes on the miraculous, that we can assure you!

We are agents of Unconditional Love. Look around and you will find many other agents too whose job it is to bring you back to the unconditional love that’s you”.

Helen & The ECC


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